Infiniti M35 Problems

A Stalling or Low Engine Idle Speed Condition May Occur on Infiniti M35

Problem Description and Possible Solution

A stalling or low engine idle speed condition may develop. Our technicians tell us a software upgrade for the powertrain control module (PCM) is available to address this problem.

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Infiniti M35 Vehicles With This Problem

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Average mileage: 91,823 (35,000–153,945)
4 model years affected: 2006, 2008, 2009, 2010
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Driving at approximately 30 mph, engine shut off by itself. A/C continued working as well as stereo but power steering was not working. Engine RPMs were zero and warning lights were on. Pulled over into parking lot by coasting. Placed transmission in Park and set parking brake. Shut off entire car. Waited about 5 minutes then started car again. Idle returned to normal RPMs. Drove immediately home and parked car. While parking car, engine surged momentarily while in gear then returned to normal idle. Shut off car. Will take car to dealer on Monday and explain incident and refer the dealer to Service Bulletin Number ITB-11-049-B, dated JUL 06, 2012.
I have experienced (2) issues when this hapeened @ 55000 & 85000 miles once on the freeway and city street, where the idle would drop and the vehicle would stall. Each time the dealer stated that they could not re-create the problem nor does the compter reflect anything ever happening.
Car has rough start like its out of gas. It stalls at idle and low speeds. The car is burning more gas, my fuel mileage is half it was a month ago. I parked the car while I research what is wrong.
Car continues to stall at low speeds or idle. It seems (not proven yet) that the key might NEED to be plugged in. Still testing. It is VERY hot and some of the symptoms remind me of a vapor lock.