Q: 1998 Landrover discovery not getting fuel to pump on 1998 Land Rover Discovery

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Ongoing problem. Car stalls, and is not getting fuel to pump. Replaced pump and car ran for a week. It has stalled again multiple times and taken to dealership each time. Finally after keeping for over a month, the dealership said it was a connector on harness. They did't replace anything, just messed with connector and it ran for about 6 months. Now, the problem is back. What connector might this be? Dealership was extremely vague when I picked the car up and I do not want to have to tow it back again.
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The connector they are talking about is where the fuel pump plugs into the harness. You would have to follow the wires back to the top of the tank. where all the hoses and wires feed into the tank. A lot of times the fuel pump is not bad the connecting pins inside the plug are to big for the pins and don't make a good connection. Then the fuel pump stops working, then may make a good connection and start working again. If they thought this was a problem they should have repaced the pig tail on the harness.