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Volkswagen Fox 1993 VW Fox Head Light Switch Broken

Volkswagen Fox Problem
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Model Year Affected: 1993

  • , , 170,500 mi

    Pull out, lightly, on the back of the switch and press the metal tab on the back of the switch assembly. Slowly pry the switch toward the steering wheel, then push back on the front of the switch and it should come out - the complete harness (wires and all). Simply pull the old switch off and replace.

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    The switch above the steering wheel to turn on/off the headlights has lost traction. The button itself still moves, but it no longer goes through the three clicks (off/parking/on). Its just loose. Its the sort of sliding/toggle switch VW was using in the early 90's.
    I tried to pop it off but got worried about breaking it so I stopped. I have a 1993 5spd Fox.
    Thanks for any help/suggestions!

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