Nissan Armada Repair and Maintenance

A guide to problems, costs, maintenance and repair for your Nissan Armada

Nissan Armada Problems

A weak or failing fuel pump can cause power loss due to lower fuel pressure and lean mixture conditions. This rarely causes a Check Engine Light to illuminate and should be repaired to avoid catalytic converter damage.

Water can cause corrosion in the connector between the engine and transmission wiring harness. The engine may crank but not start, stall, and/or the transmission may not shift correctly.
A navigation unit that is failing can intermittently display a disc error on the screen.

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Nissan Armada Questions

my abs will not let my car move

I have had stiff steering at low speed, it was diagnosed at the local Nissan dealer as needing a new rack and pinion. I replaced the rack and pinion myself as well as the power steering pump just to be safe, and I still have the same problem. I was wondering if there is some part of the traction...

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Nissan Armada Recalls

The brake master cylinder provides the hydraulic pressure to operate the braking system. Certain vehicles are being recalled because the brake master cylinder may intermittently reduce the pressure supplied to the front brakes. This could result in increased stopping distance, increasing the risk of a crash, Dealers will replace the master cylinder on affected vehicles to correct this concern.

The tire information label may not contain the rim (wheel) size information. This could lead to an incorrect tire/wheel combination being installed on the vehicle, increasing the risk of a crash. Nissan will supply owners with a new label and installation instructions. Owners who wish to do so may bring their vehicle to a Nissan dealer who will install the label for them.

Nissan is recalling 2010 Armada models for failing to comply with federal safety requirements concerning seating systems. The second row center seat hinge was manufactured out of specification, which may prevent the rear center seat back from fully locking in the in-use, or upright, position. This increases the risk of injury to the seat occupant in the event of a crash. Dealers will inspect the hinge/lock and, if needed, install a new one.

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Nissan Armada Reviews

Our Armada has been a great vehicle until today when my wife was driving it to work and started hearing a clicking noise and then all of a sudden the back tires locked up and skidded, bringing her to a stop. She pulled off the freeway and the vehicle was not wanting to drive. She pulled into a gas station and waited for me to get there and discover that the emergency brake cable had somehow bee...

my 2006 nissan armada stops running while i'm using it without no warning

I have a 2007 armada 4x4 bought it new.The truck now has 103,000 miles on it.I love it.Never had any probiem. I am about to have a major check up my nissan. Good job nissan

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