2013 Nissan Armada Repair and Maintenance Costs

A guide to repairs, service, and maintenance costs for your 2013 Nissan Armada

2013 Nissan Armada Problems

Power Liftgate

Liftgate would not operate with FOB or manually lifting the rear door handle. I could tell it wasn't electrical because I could hear the motor turning. I noticed that the lift arm was loose, and assumed it became disconnected from the motor actuator. When I removed the jack, I felt around in the bottom of the cavity and found the small bolt that came loose...lucky. Getting access to it where the 2 pieces connect was a little tricky, I didn'...

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2013 Nissan Armada Questions

After changing rear brakes a brake light sensor on dash is still on. (1 answer)

Is there anything special other than just changing the rotor that needs to be done? Like changing some sort of sensor?

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2013 Nissan Armada Recalls

Braking Ability Reduced

The brake master cylinder provides the hydraulic pressure to operate the braking system. The brake master cylinder may intermittently reduce the pressure supplied to the front brakes. This could result in increased stopping distance. Dealers will replace the master cylinder on affected vehicles free of charge to correct this concern.

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