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I bought my 2008 Jeep Patriot in March 2008 brand new. I have has no major issues until 18 months ago; transmission needed to be replaced. Recently I have had major issues with water building up in the back seat floor area on the driver's side; took it to dealer for fixing as well as correct the 4WD light popping in, this is summer still; problem was thought to be fixed, but took it back to dealer after check engine light came on with the 4WD light and continued water, dealer paid full cost this last time as I said I was less than pleased. One week later and the car is back at the dealer for the check engine light, catalytic converter now needs to be replaced. I cannot really complain too much as I have over 250,000 miles and the car has taken be to Arizona and across Texas for a trip and I drive 120 miles round trip just for work not including any stops I may need to make. Wish the dealer noticed the catalytic converter before sending the car back home with me, overall a good car. I rarely ever rate something with the full stars unless I am truly impressed.
I bought 2008 Jeep Patriot 2.4Limited 2wd brand new. No major issues first 5 years at all and I was very happy. Last year I had to take my Jeep to dealer for leaking hose to CVT and throttle body needed to be cleaned, this cost me around $1000. This year after fueling and turned the key, all went black and car wouldn't start. Now the jeep is in dealer for 2 weeks and still no resolution. First they said the starter is bad, then burned wire, then main fuse box, now something with computer but still have no car or information when it will be fix or even what it is.
It was my only new car and I think it'll be my last.
But in conclusion, being a patriot and trying to buy US product don't pay off. I will go back to more reliable car made overseas.
Hope that Jeep manufacture can sleep good at night.
Bought this car new. Goodyear Wrangler tires lasted until 33,500 miles. Switched over to 90,000 mile Michelin Defenders. Ball joints went at 21,000 miles (driver side) and 33,000 miles (passenger side), no off road, just pavement. Other than that, it's been a great car and I will drive it until it dies. Good gas mileage, great for 2400 mile road trips, great to sleep in. Am able to fit a ton of things in the cargo area. It's bigger on the inside. 5 years and 3 months in, I'm at 45,000 miles.
Can't complain, even though jeep currently needs work done to it. I have over 175,000 miles on it, and we've had belt pulley, alternator, a few switches/sensors, CONTROL ARMS, TIE RODS, and other minor repair work done. The roads where we live are rough, and the jeep has been used, alot. It's gone through many life situations and all kinds of weather. It was a demo they were looking to sell at the end of the year, I'd hit a deer and we had a major winter storm coming. Now, at this high mileage, it needs some suspension work and an exhaust maniverter ($500 for the part). The factory brakes lasted 3 years with driving up/down steep hills every day, I used the CVT to hold back vehicle so I didn't have to ride brakes, it's a little weird feeling transmission, but has done very well for me. We're thinking of buying another one, hoping to find another demo that doesn't have all the electronic doors/windows, etc. The only reason not to give 5 stars for all is that things have had to be fixed on it, sometimes odd things, and I hate the white headliner.
2009 I decided to down size from a 4 door 8 foot bed Nissan Fontier that had 195000 miles with not more than oil change, tires replaces/rotated, air filters replaced. I bought the 2009 Jeep Patriot and had the transmission replaced (warranty covered) at 40,000 miles, the front idle arms replaced shortly there after then the front wheel bearing at about 45000 miles which just had to be replaced again at 94000 miles. This was not what I expected when I got a new car when I got rid of my old one because I was thinking it was going to start having problems. Should have keep the Frontier
I have a 2010 patriot. The A/C control module or the blower motor went, the dealership can't make up its mind which. Its comfortable and a nice ride for what I am paying. The control arms suck I have to get them replaced every year for inspection. I don't pay for them any more because of where I get my parts. Same with brake pads and rotors. Not a horrible vehicle.
AC Compressor just went at 63K miles - $1,000 job to replace. Spark plugs need to be replaced every 30K per the manual. Stock tires are great - 46K miles on the first set of Wrangler SRAs - good snow performance here in Colorado. Interior is cheap, I had rattles almost from the beginning in the dash and air outlets. I average 25 mpg including occasional 4X4 driving (roads, not off road). Overall I would give it a satisfactory rating, not the best SUV around, but for what I paid I am getting about what I expected.
this car is not acelerating
My 2013 Patriot has been working great but suddenly it won't start. I am having major problems with the Integrated Power Module. It was replaced once already but burned out. Dealer now is going on two weeks trying to figure out what is wrong.
I have 114,234 miles on this Jeep and honestly had not many problems. the alternator did have a problem and I had to replace it. Plus I also changed all the pulleys. the only other maintenance I've had to do on it is brakes and tires of course. the only thing I would say is that the 205 70 r16 tires were garbage. I was able to put a wider tire 16 inch on it and it handles way better. now that I have the new alternator on we'll see how long the batteries last. Overall for how much I paid for it and how hard I've been on it it's treating me pretty well. not sure how the new ones are but I would probably buy another one. Definitely don't want a minivan and not willing to pay $30,000 for an SUV. I'm almost done being dad taxi. Lol!!!
Ist my engine went at 18,000 miles and needed to be replaced. Now I am having blinker problems, plus a lower left ball joint and arm. It sucks.
I bought a Jeep Patriot 2008 4 months ago. First it was the brake parts that weren't covered under warrenty. Then the pullys and another part needed to be repaired. Finally the alternator. Its not starting tonight and I wish I had never bought it.
Hi my jeep patriot has just spent three week at my local garage for the last three weeks, and now sending to another garage for electrical test,this all started when the cruise control did not work the jeep then was sent to jeep to check for problems.then came back with code for cam sensor wire,the car went back to my local garage for fixing new sensor fired car then would not rev up still don't no what the fault is can any body help, Charles in UK can you help please
Let's see... about six months after I bought my 2008 Patriot, the battery had a bad cell, but the dealer wouldn't replace it. Then a pulley for the serpentine belt broke, and it wasn't covered in the "lifetime powertrain warranty." Then the alternator went bad. A year later the alternator went out again. Paid through the nose both times. Now it won't start, so I have to take it back in. I won't buy another Chrysler product.
At just over 50,000 miles I had to replace the left wheel bearing. Some other minor electrical issues so far. Jury is still out on overall reliablity.
We have a little less than 70,000 miles on a 2008 Patriot and have had electrical short issues in the interior light wiring that took out the circuit board that controls the overhead interior lights and now having problems with CVT.Too many problems for this few miles
My first Jeep was a 94 Cherokee which I bought used in 95. I drove it for over 14 years with only regular maintenance, except for when some bonehead broadsided me in 1999 and totaled it. I loved that car so much I had the body rebuilt and it kept right on running like a champ. Finally it started having problems a couple years ago - mainly it just wouldn't start - not even attempt to turn over. I gave my baby away, as I needed a dependable car at that moment. (Its now killing me that the guy fixed it and is driving it daily. I miss my baby!) I drove a nice older Dodge for a while but when its transmission started slipping, better to bow out and buy another car. A year ago I went looking for a Jeep. Bought a 2009 Patriot with 38K miles on it - nice little car, good gas mileage and my 1st 4-cylinder, which I didn't want but was surprised at how much I liked it after driving it. The little thing will scoot when you need it to. Love the sound system in it and the simplicity of the interior. One year later, the ABS, ESP and other brake lights came on, though I've had no issues or odd noises with braking. It had just rolled over 40K miles (I work at home and don't drive daily), so I'm thinking the sensor must be off. Wrong. Took it to the dealership and spent close to a grand to have the hydraulic ABS unit replaced. Needless to say, I am really really mad. One more major problem with a car this young and it is GONE - and I won't be buying another Jeep.
I just bought a 2010 4x4 Patriot Limited Edition (you can switch from 4x2 FWD to 4x4 at the switch of a button which helps on gas) and absolutely love it. It has a CVT transmission so you don't feel the shifting of the gears while driving. The only thing I've noticed with that is when the car is cold, the moment you take your foot off the gas, there's an immediate drop in speed causing the car to get that "jolt" feeling. The gas is pretty good, about 23 mpg on avg in the city and takes about $30-$35 to fill up. Great sound system and a nice smooth ride and handling. Traded in my '08 Altima for it and have no regrets.
4x4 with 28-30 MPG average for over 2 years...only thing fixed so far was replaced originial tires after 45k miles.