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Jeep Commander (12 Reviews)
I bought a 2007 Jeep Commander. It will be the first and last Jeep I buy. It stalls out going down the road or parked in idle. Had some injectors and spark plugs replaced but didn't fix a thing. I noticed recalls on Jeep Commanders built before January 2006 for PCM reprogramming due to stalling but nothing for later models. I suspect it's the same problem. There is a recall for a power train encoder but they claim its for the transmission slipping into neutral during park and rolling off, not for the stalling issue. Even though they have that recall, they don't yet have a solution. Save your self a huge hassle and stay away from Dodge, Chrysler, Jeep.
Same story here...bought the 2007 "Rocky Mountain" edition in 2010 and truly love the vehicle. I haven't had any issues until recently. The transmission is failing to shift correctly between 1st gear and 2nd? It slams into 2nd gear under any sort of acceleration. Jeep flashed transmission with updated program but same story. Jeep has no fix other than a new trans for 3K!! It doesn't affect mpg or general driving but I assume I'm on borrowed time with the trans. Anyone have any other suggestions than trans replacement? Thanks!
I bought my 2007 Jeep Commander July 2010 and I love this vehicle. I didn't do any work on this vehicle, other than regular maintenance like oil changes, filter replacements, and tire rotations, until about a month ago. I have replaced my thermostat and literally, today purchased a new set of brakes and 2 new tires for the front of the Jeep. I have heard horror stories about Jeeps and I have not experienced any with mine. Let's be honest, I wish I got more than 13 miles a gallon, but the size and the secure feeling I get while driving her in Atlanta traffic is worth more to me than extra dollars at the pump. As I write this, I thought of one other issue I've encountered with the vehicle - the reset button sticks. But I'm blaming a drink spilled somewhere for that one. Jeep Love!
2006 commander My jeep has been showing transmission over temp off and on. I feel it tugging when driving, we've had the transmission fluid replaced but still showing sign and tugging. I would not buy another jeep. These cars are not cheap and I can see myself spending a lot of money on transmission repairs, who knows what's next.
Don't by this death trap! I have had it to many dodge service centers and they could never find a problem with the 2006 jeep commander.
Even though, I would tell them it would shut down and lights go off and on and engine would stop on a mountain,on the interstate,etc. Then after charging me a$100 plus for their time or changing a light bulb for$150.00 and the list goes on and on until one day a cop witnessed the problem and was going to verifed that if somrthing happened to me then he would help my husband sue the Dodge dealership. Well guess what, they keeped it a week and almost got into a wreck when driving it. We was told only then there was a recall, but it was still going to cost us money. Now the tranmission is bad, tires go bad, exhaust bolts look broken.
I wish now that the Dodge company would have gone under, because their dealerships and their company is still not fixing the problems and the new commanders has many recalls. I hope a law firm would do a class action law suit against them because I would be on board!
No republican, no democrat or no tea party member should ever give this company another dime. They have taken our money,caused mental distress and will murder Americans with their unsafe vehiles!
My 2006 jeep commander is the worst car I ever bought. I've had several lights come on. The air bag light has been on for 2 years now. Had it service 7 times,by 2 differnt dealers, for this light, and after changing many parts it is still on. The main computer and transmission went out at 75000miles. Replace exhaust manifold bolts 2 times and is ready for a third time. Muffler failed and was only 2 years old and was not covered under the warrenty(cost $700 for the part). Starter went out only 2 years old and have to replace it again this week. Paint is coming off both front and back bumpers. Dealer tells me it from road damage. I've never had a car that the paint comes off in big pieces. Body shop says it is a poor paint job, but dealer still refuses to agree. In all, my jeep has been in the dealers repair shop 39 times in the last 5 years. This is the four jeep I've owned and never had any problems with the other 3 cherokees.
Worst car I have ever owned. Multiple electrical problems from day one. Bad PCM, misprogrammed computer, AC motor went out, transmission went bad at 75k miles, interior door panels are loose. I am a Jeep lover, but this is the worst vehicle they ever made.
Overall I love this vehicle( V-8 hemi), butttt when you step on the accelerator it is too slow to respond. Once it does it's catch me if you can. I notice that the steering is very senistive. I love the interior color and leather seating. The Limited black and chrome exterior is one pretty car when washed and clean. I really dislike the fuel usage. It drinks gas.
I LOVE my Commander! Horrible gas mileage, 15 mpg, and at $4/gal it sucks! But I hate to get rid of it because I enjoy driving it!
I have the Limited with the Hemi and towing package. It tows great! I have issues however, with the electrical side of this car since the day I bought it and no one will fix it. It now turns off and on randomly while driving down the interstate at 70 miles an hour or on a side street at 40 mph. All the dash lights flash and click, the car shuts off, then occasionally, it turns itself right back on. I took it to Bob Frensley and they said it was a bad battery. I don't agree. It is going to get someone hurt or killed and I am selling it!
I Love this vehicle except for the electronic controls on the engine and the brakes wear quickly particularly the rear brakes. The fly-by-wire throttle is too slow to react and lacks adequate feel. It is a major source of frustration. I had to replace the rear brake pads at forty thousand miles and now again at seventy five thousand. This is the first vehicle I have owned that wears the rear brakes out first before the front. Everything else about the Commader I love. I especially like the airey interior and stadium seating. My Commander has the sunroof option and I call it a sightseeing machine. It has the 4.7l V8 and it will get 22 mpg on the highway at 65 mph. I am very pleased with that!!
Great SUV when it comes to price, style, and cargo space. But if you want something with power and/or towing capability, this is not the one for you.