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This is my 4 xj. Unfortunately for me my forth is becoming a pain. My third was salvage 99 xj 2WD. Most of you would of oh hell no! It's a salvage. But me I'm up for a challenge. And had to do a lot of body work and the basic oil leaks like the oil filter adapter, oil pan gasket rear main seal and valve gasket. But the majority of my money went on the suspension, brakes, alignment and body work. That's because it was a salvage. This one on the other hand a 2000 xj 2wd is a head ache. You know the regular gaskets, brakes, alignment, suspension.Transmission problems that's about it. The engine is superb! No problems. But other than that it runs great. 4.8 STARS! GOTTA LOVE THE XJ!
I have 2001 Grand Cherokee Laredo and have had it for 11 yrs. Had to put a new fan motor and tail light covers but other than that, no problems. The taillights are crap. I've had to replace the covers 4 times and still have problems with the blinkers. They work when they want. Overall, I love mine and will keep it until the day one of us die.
Bought my first jeep cherokee new in 94 - now it has 230,000 miles and been in the shop one time for a clutch (dahh at 220,000 miles). I have had to replace the ignition switch (2) times myself (well of course that part is a chevy). But, this will be probably the best buy of my life and the best vehicle ever. 22 mpg in the city 29 on hwy (2 door/clutch/4.0). Love that AMC/Jeep engine. A great work horse and just the right size. I'll keep this one my entire life. I would buy one in a new york second if they still made them. My wife has the 04 Grand Cherokee (Great vehicle). My friend has a good 94 Toyota (good small truck) - thus we take tabs who has been in the shop the most, who can pull the most, what you can do with the vehicle the most. (Jeep Cherokee wins hands down over the Toyota). I have had both of my young draftsmen that work for me buy a jeep cherokee and Grand (certain models of course) . Now they see the real life of owning something worth having and keeping.
overheating changed cap last year worked fine need a radiator flush or drain due to age 150000 miles now flush may not be best considering age an miles
My jeep has 104k constant issues im a chevy guy got a jeep cuz my frind has many parts im ready to burn this pos to the ground will never buy another jeep
I bought my 96 jeep when it was 5 years old.Came with the 4.0 motor,auto, 4 wheel drive. It's a country model and I love it. It had belonged to a salesman ( bridge) and had 200k+ but ran great.I kept it 5 years and besides a set of tires and upkeep never turned a bolt on the body or motor. I made the mistake of selling it to my son.Had a chance to get it back last year after several owners. It now has over 300+k and still runs like a scalded dog, handles like a VW.So happy, and enjoy driving it very much.
I just bought a 1998 Jeep Grand Cherokee and I love it. It was a good buy and I had to put some money into it (rear differential, muffler), but it runs like a top. The transmission jerks a little when I put it in reverse...will have that checked out within the next month.

Love It Love It Love It.
my jeep finally died!!!! lol, 265,000 miles... if the body was in better shape i would have rebuilt the rearend... quite literally, was driving and the rear end locked up... like i had yanked the E-brake... pulled the driveshaft out of the transmission while i was still moving down the road... it was a beast for a very long time!!! but i decided that the body was too far gone to put more work into it... never once got stuck in it, mud, snow, didnt matter... once pulled out a ford f350 with it... silly ford guy, tried telling me on the phone that i wouldnt even make it back in the marsh as far as he did... sad that jeep is gone, but now i have another one, just have to rebuild the motor before i can go 4wheeling again!!
My 1999 cherokee has 214,000 miles on it. It has been a reliable vehicle. I have replaced tires and brakes (normal). At 150K miles i have a new condenser installed. Since then and now I replaced the front passenger window mechanism. I just had the exhaust manifold welded and I need front U-joints. I will need them for the winter. Other than the normal bottom rust the vehicle still looks good and the engine is strong. I will buy another one when this one dies.
I own a 1989 Cherokee Laredo. I bought it in 1994 and it had 113,000 miles on it. Since I have owned I would say my biggest headache has been the cooling system.(overheating). Other than that this vehicle has probably been the most reliable I have ever owned.Thru the years it been taken a lot of abuse and it has always remained reliable. I have personally run all of the oil and transmission fluid (separate occurrences)out of this vehicle and and after fix the problems ( which were simply I serviced the vehicle and it didn't burp. Today this jeep has 360,000 miles on it and it still has the original engine and transmission. I don't know if I've been lucky or if Jeep (AMC) actually built an awesome vehicle. Personally, I would probably never own a newer model jeep with the exception of the wrangler models.
I have a 1993 Jeep cherokee with 185,000 miles (bought it with 94,000 in 2004) Fantastic vehicle. With the 5-speed manual, it has great acceleration. 20 mpg. Will go anywhere. Wish I could find another one just like it!!
backfire open hold into muffler
'97 Jeep Cherokee Sport 4x4. cherry red. This vehicle has been in my family for 13 years. 3 of which it has belonged to me. I have loved it from the day my parents brought it home in '98. It may not be the prettiest vehicle around by now, but I can say that even if there is rain sleet or snow out it gets me where i need to go! It may be old but it definitely makes me proud to be a jeep owner. and it does not fail the legend behind the jeep name
2001 Jeep Cherokee sport was bought used. Now has 150,000 miles. The jeep has excellent power for towing and does very well in winter. It has a 19 gallon tank and gets about 18mpg. Equipped with straight 6 4.0 liter engine. Rear wheel drive and 4 -wheel drive. Interior is very cheap and small. Seats are very hard to clean mud from. From about 90,000 miles it has every problem in the book. Light are going out on the dash, radio, and gear box. Speakers have gone out. The AC went out a long time ago and heat went out. There is a lot of engine and undercarriage rust. The doors squeak and all the power window and door locks have gone out. The worst part of all is it overheats all the time and cannot pull anything anymore. Everything but the engine has been replaced and still overheats after 15 minutes of driving. Overall i will never buy another jeep but for people who do own one try to get rid of it while it has low miles. It is a solid vehicle but very cheap and small interior. For what it can do it gets horrible gas mileage. For 150,000 miles, it has worn out and broken down many of times. i would not recommend jeep to anyone. I guess that's what you get when it has Chrysler parts in it.
Bought my 1990 Jeep Cherokee Laredo new, it will be 21 years old in May, 2011. What a fantastic vehicle this has been. True, I don't drive a lot compared to most people, and the vehicle has been constantly kept in my garage when not being used. But the repairs have been few and not much above normal maintenance required. No accidents, a few very minor dings here and there, from shopping carts, mostly.

The Consumer Reports rating on this vehicle in 1990/1991 timeframe was about 6/10, so perhaps I just got lucky.

Also true, there are basic design problems with it, like the cooling system. The coolant recycle plastic tank has been replaced by myself 3 or 4 times. Various little things are gradually stating to fail over the past 3-4 years, which is expected. But overall - it's been the best vehicle I have ever owned and when it finally dies, I'll miss the damn thing.

That 232 CI straight 6 (4.0L) engine, is the same basic motor design used in the early 1960's Plymouth Valient and Dodge Dart for years - and those have easily gone 250,000 miles. Kinda scary...
This cherokee is nothing but a piece of S_ _ _ _. nothing like pouring money into these jeeps. The old ones and the new are the same. If you love headaches all the time buy a Jeep now its a fiat aka jeep
I LOVE MY JEEP. PERIOD. I've owned 3-4 Jeeps now as well as quite a few others (including Toyota 4Runner, Isuzu Trooper, Ford Bronco, and a few sedans) and not a one of them could even come CLOSE to the love affair I have with my Jeeps. They're rugged, handsome, easy to maintain, and you just can't kill 'em! It's a feel-good buy for any American - is made in the good ol' USA, unwaveringly reliable, and when it does need work, it's cheap and easy to fix. Shoot, I'm a chick and I"ve worked on my own! Do yourself a favor and own one... you'll be addicted.
Bought one of these in 1992 and it was one of the best vehicles I ever owned and what a four wheeler took it to the top of the Warner mountain range while deer hunting in the snow only had to chain up the front and gets 20 mpg to boot!!
Have had minor issues with my 96 Cherokee Classic. Overall, I love the thing. I'm currently fighting an overheating issue, which hopefully will turn out to have been only a radiator problem. I want to get it up and going again so I can get another 100,000 out of it!
owe a 2000 jeep grand cherokee laredo when the head lights are on mash the brakes light and tail light dont work . some one please help thank you
i have put every thing new in it and it has cost me a lot of money can u tell me where the 4 wheel drive switch is
rugged and easy to handle in all apps.
needs tougher made interior.
roof rack is very good.
front suspension needs better shocks and struts.
Love my 2000 Jeep Cherokee Sport. But it has some issues in wet weather the brakes grab, I mean really grab. Like your going to go through the front windshield. Also the drivers side PW/PL control has a constant electrical short which cuts out the other doors PW/PL controls from operating. And finally the A/C has been checked, rechecked and has freon constantly added, so A/C does not work. The repair bill would be $800 for the A/C.
have trouble with turn signals blinkers dont work when break is applied
I love my Jeep. I have had it for about 7 years and it has always served me well. I have done all repairs myself and luckily there has been nothing major. My wife and I both agree we will keep it even when we purchase a new car.
I really like Cherokees. I would rather drive one, more than most vehicles out there.
Overall problem free vehicle (138,000M). Liked this one so much I also have a 98 and a 04. Just keep the maintenance up and they'll run for at least 200k.
just got my 2000 jeep cherokee sport and i just love this vehicle. about to have new brake pads put on all around. also seems a squeaky belt needs to be replaced. plan on reconditioning the paint and doing a full exterior detail. the fun has begun.