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Jaguar XKR (11 Reviews)
Suspension is odd in that 50% of the data is feed in by your actual speed and the other 50% is determined by your current road conditions. Hit a bumpy stretch @ 28mph and you'll likely bounce all over the place. Take the same bumpy stretch @ 58mph and you'll be tight as can be and roll right over them !!
I am the 2nd owner of a beautiful 2002xkr coupe.I changed the exhaust and replaced the air filter with a less restrictive aftermarket unit.Wow,what a differance.The car is a true gem to drive and own.I love this car and would highly recommend this vehicle to anyone that enjoys cars.
$109000.00 send the next one....2015 is the end of the xkr !! the will be hard to get....
Purchased the ('01) XKR in 2010 with 78K miles. Absolutely no regrets. So much fun to drive ! Electronic suspension system makes it's settings automatically - based on your speed (50%), and your road conditions (50%). At low speeds the setting is pretty loose and feels sloppy. Take the same road, w/ the same bumps at a higher speed - and the suspension tightens up dramatically and feels fine. I think some of the sensors send false messages as they get old....(ex: "the boot is unlatched" and it's really not). But it's no big deal. You clear it - and the message goes away.
This is a great car! I'm the proud 2nd owner with 48K miles on the vehicle. Have had no problems with the vehicle until this week when the timing tensioners wore out and fractured. Attention all Jaguar owners...check and REPLACE the old timing chain tensioners or get ready to spend some $$$. All 4 tensioners and chains needed to be replaced. Went ahead and did the water pump and some other misc service but this is going to cost $5K. Could have save half of that with an inspection and replacement early on if I'd known. Good Luck and Happy Motoring!
Just bought a new 2014 xkr, airbag light came on. Called the dealer, they arranged for a pick up of the vehicle and provided me a loaner. During the time I was waiting for the pick up the fuel fill cap light warning came on. I am just worried with this being a brand new car and so expensive. Hopefully it's nothing, and all comes out positive.
Purchased my used Jag XKR 3 yrs ago with 43k miles and driven it 6k miles.It came with the slightest little rattle in Left Rear.Been told it's in the Strut.Wondering if that could be the sound since nothing up shows with visual inspection.
i have Infiniti , BMW, and porsche but my favorite my jaguar Xkr best car ever have so far.
had to replace bearings in rear both axels at low mileage
My 2007 XKR coupe has been a fabulous car. It shows how far Jaguar has come in the last 5 years. I also own a 2006 XJ8L that is a daily driver. It has also been one of my favorite cars and completely trouble free. Before the Jags, I had owned over 30 BMWs and MBs.
This car is great. I use it as a daily driver. It has had an occasional problem and i took it to a local import service and it hasn't had a problem since. One of Jaguar's best!