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Jaguar XJR (3 Reviews)
I bought a 1999 XJR with 115k miles on it but it has all the engine upgrades for the timing problems, I also replaced trans, rear end, and supercharger fluids, the car runs and rides fantastic. Only issue was a failed fuel pump, I found a good price on ebay and replaced both (there are 2 in the tank), was thinking of
replacing the oxy sensors but the are expensive and from what I've read almost never fail. I also just cleaned the maf sensor and went on a 350 mile trip and avg 23.7 mpg!! I guess using syn oil in everything really helps.
Im a proud owner in one with 96000 M she drives like a dream and came with a "nanny" who has taken care of her sonce new! The only problem is sun roof slder plate stuck back and it leaks a bit of rain water... everything else is a Beast! Black on Black...
Best Jaguar i have owned, purchased used, my question relates to the drivers seat and steering wheel. When turning car off shouldnt the seat and steering wheel move back, and up to ease exit. I can hear a motor running for approx 10 seconds and it is not the antenna mast.