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Jaguar XK8 (14 Reviews)
A witch dressed like a queen!!Many problems on these cars 97 to 00 very bad.01 to 03 a little better.I do my own work so i took the risk these cars look great and run great when their are no problems.Water pump plastic BREAKS!Themostat housing plastic BREAKS.Nikasil engine problem.
Biggest headache timing chains and tensioners plastic rubbish again!
Drink cup holder breaks.Front end weak many problems including bad tire wear.These cars are like babies need constant attention.Many more problems as you will find out.I guess from 03 they improved greatly.Jaguar never confess to the inferior parts and only cover their small mickey mouse warranty.You have been WARNED!
My love to my Jaguar XK8 can't be broken, even when my Mercedes Benz 300 SL/24. has a lot of positive memories. To drive a Jag. is not like driva from A to B, it's a dream and I will never sell or change my Jag. for anything in this world.
I guess the XK8 from 1999 is one of the best looking cars ever been produced, it looks that way when I park or drive past people and comments ''Very nice looking''
Coolant light man. Sounds like ya take your car to the wrong shop not your fault you have air in the system and will fry your motor. Like a roasted kitten in heat. Most air bleed the system there's a bleeder screw just for it, and go back to that shop and smack Lenny and ssquigie around a little it will make ya sleep good that nite. The Cal HERO
Bought my 2006 XK8 convertible 18 months ago. Had 29,000 miles at purchase. Now have 38,000 miles. Car is used half & half in-town and hi-way. Had left Lo-beam h/light bulb fail (Not made by Jaguar). So far that is the extent of my problems. My local mechanic (Of 30+ yrs) can handle routine maint. on Jaguars. He's very honest and will refer to someone else if he doesn't feel qualifed. FIND A MECHANIC THAT YOU CAN TRUST AND STICK WITH HIM! (P.S. If you go in with the attitude "I don't trus you, YOU WILL GET SCREWED.) Dealers and other shops quoted $280 to $450 for the 30,000 mile service. My guy did it by the book and found that dealer that I bought from had replaced air. cabin and oil filter as well as new front brake pads and the oil. He charged me for 45 minutes labor. Not your normal service story is it? This is not my only Jaguar. I also have a 1994 XJ6. Routine maintence only, pretty much the same story. I Look for the end of a series (94 XJ6-Last of the XJ Sedans and 2005/2006-Last of the XK8's) My theory is that they should have figured out how to screw them together by then. So far, I've been right.
I signed the papers in the drivers seat after my first test drive in 1999 and still love this car. Snow White,convertible with oatmeal interior. Lots of looks, I keep it garaged and sometimes inside an inflated bubble. Only problem was gasoline turned into turpentine, and had to replace fuel pump. Now has 40,000 miles and experiencing wheel alignment situation..everything else is perfect. My mechanic says this engine is a strong one which will last for 200,000 miles. I change the oil every 3,000 miles and let my mechanic look at it every 90-120 days to avoid big problems. In Orlando I highly recommend THE JAGUAR DOCTOR, com
Andy is ex Service Mgr at Jaguar of Orlando, now working on his own. Excellent, professional...reasonable.
2002 XK8 Coupe bought with 112k miles, black/black. Despite having apparently been well serviced immediately had problems with knock sensors and emissions control. $1500 to repair.
Since then runs great, rides and drives great on the highway. In town ride is rough as could be expected.
Think that a relationship with a mechanic familiar with these cars would be a plus. Think that its worth the pain though. Would buy it again.
I own a black/black 2000 XKR convertible - "R" Being the supercharged XK8. It is the most beautiful car in the world. Truly a work of art. Lots of hinky electrical/sensor issues. Do your homework before you buy so you know what you are getting into. If you want the ease of maintenance and reliability of a Camry, this is NOT the car you want. Maintenance is necessary (and expensive) Repairs are common (and expensive). Did I mention how good it looks? It has great road manners & drives wonderfully, but will go like a BOH with just a touch of the accelerator. Is it worth it? Maybe, but it IS a commitment. No question.
I have a 1997 Jaguar XK8 with 105000 miles. I purchased this car in 1999, my ex wife kept it after divorce, but I repurchased the car from her a few months ago. Right after me taking over the vehicle, I experienced a cooling problem. Add engine coolant light came on periodically, I refilled small amounts until the car overheated. The repair shop examined the car and determined to change all major hoses, water pump, thermostat, throttle, tensioner and serpentine belt.Total repair cost $4200. The car ran great for a week until I noticed a major oil dripping on my driveway. Puddles of oil underneath my car in the garage. Knowing about the sensitive nature of Jaguar engines, I had the car towed back to the mechanic. First impression were leaking cam cover gaskets and valve covers, too. Also the gear gasket where the engine meets the transmission. Estimation for repair $1500. After removal of cam covers, I was called to the shop to inspect the to me unknown problem with the timing chain tensioners and the guiding rails. All tensioners, made out of plastic, were cracked and the guiding rails were broken. The plastic pads on top of the tensioners were gone and the chains were rubbing on the metal pads. Because of the broken off plastic they suggested to change the oil pump,all tensioners and rails, chains and seals. Another bill of $6000. Now it is understandable, why the bluebook value on these cars is on the low side. Great car, great looks, but major upkeep. I was assured by my mechanic, that now the car should run great now. All stories I have read on various forums sound very familiar and I feel lucky not to have the engine damaged.
I purchased a ;98 XK* with 68,000 miles and a 5yr, 100,000 warranty on engine and transmission. Well, that has not been an issue. At first the car would run for 280 miles before the low coolant light would come on. Had new fan switch installed, light still comes on . Had new hoses comletley replaced to the tune of $3,500, light comes on now at 75 miles Had new T Stat installed, pressure tested, no leaks but still the low coolant light comes on now at 15 miles. Seems to be leaking from seconday expansion tank but know one, I MEAN NO ONE can figure out why. After over $5,000 it is worse than ever. I am at my witts end. Currently in the shop but no remedy. At this stage it is inoperable. Great investment!
Ever since new the thing leaks coolant and the coolant low light comes on. Nobody can find the leak. If I fully top the little tank on the driver's side under the bonnet, the light goes out but will happen again soon. Sometimes I smell coolant. Sometimes leaks on the garage floor. Once or twice, major leaks after parking. But usually notice nothing yet the light comes on and it loses coolant. Other than that, the biggest problem is all the plastic parts breaking. They didn't use the right kind of plastics. But is is a great care save these fairly major annoyances. Oh yeah, the radio cuts out randomly when hot, and of course the CD skips like crazy.
I have 44,000 miles on my 2005 XK8 replace CD changer all ready, now its back doing the same thing, every time I hit a small bump it cuts out and starts back. Now I'm told my rear strut on passenger rear needs to be replace and rear sway bar is bent and need to be replace.
I really love the car it gets a lot of attention and gets pretty good gas milage.
overall a great sports car very good handleing but a bit underpowered the front shock supports bushings ,the rubber compound is very weak and starts to dicintergrate after 50 to 60k miles making a clunking noise up front , ohte r than this issue i love my xk8
I like the 1999 XK8's styling and performance. Had to have the tensioners and timing chains replaced. That was a little expensive($2500).
Smooth and powerful what a car and not bad on petrol