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Infiniti J30 (7 Reviews)
Can you please tell me what i need to do. My carwont start it seems as though its not getting any gas. The sensors are good the fuel pump is good. Its getting spark it still wont start. Please help
Could you please help me fix my brake lights. All other lights work except when I press the brakes nothing, I don't like to drive during the day because its very dangerous not having brake lights, could it be the switch or something else?
Why is the gas tank is in my trunk
car is better on gas then my 95 accord 4 cylinder car and is smooth very nice reliable car
Great car. Feels very well built and has great fit and finish. Mine has 130k miles & it runs and drives well. They require timing belt replacements every 60-90k miles. Some electrical bugs, nothing serious. The only gripe I have is the not so great fuel economy.
Very comfortable cabin, small trunk, not as fuel efficient as you would like in today's world, but a great car. Repairs have been minimal over 16 years.
its a good comfertable riding car, But total four fuel injectors went bad in several times.Also in 120k mils my transmission went bad and i had to spend 1500k.