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Infiniti QX56 (12 Reviews)
Mine required new struts. I believe the biggest noise maker and general slop inducer was worn out sleeves that go onto the top of the strut rod. Before replacing the struts and these small, round sleeves/bearings that the tops of the struts go through, I had a lot of noise and generally goofy action in the front end when going through potholes and uneven/rippled pavement. $900 fix, but it did fix it. My truck had 95k miles on it at the time of repair.
There was condensation in the front headlight casing, which started forming shortly after I purchased the used car. Over time the condensation built up and caused headlight failure. I brought to a local auto body shop and they could not find any cracks in the casing. When they called an Infiniti parts dealer, the dealer let it be known that it was a design defect and that they keep the headlight casings in stock. $1,500 later I was told by Infiniti that they have no responsibility and could not do anything for me. I will never buy another Infiniti. My only recourse now is to file a complaint with the National Highway Traffic Safety association and hope that they issue a recall.
3rd break light not working. its 2nd repair. They designed break light with rear washer on one part. Nonsense...
Lots of QX56 & Armada has 3rd break light problems. Need "RECALL"
I have a 2005 QX56 which I bought brand new and the only major problems I had was the lift gate motor went out after my 6 year of having. It was covered by my extended warranty. I had to replace both headlights and fog lights at seperate times because the seals had warn and they were getting condensation inside of them which was covered under warranty at time also. My AC went out under the extended warranty and it took them almost 60 days to replace part because it had to come from Japan. Some type of regulator that they had to remove the front dash to get too. Other than that the vehicle has been great.
My Infiniti QX56 gives me problems when driving over potholes, bumps, uneven roadways -- the steering wheel pulls to the right or just shakes out of my hands. I've taken it to the dealership 3 times for this problem and they cannot seem to figure out what's wrong. They told me that it was b/c I did not have enough air in my tires (first visit)-- WRONG; front end needed aligning (second visit) -- WRONG; needed Michelin tires b/c that's what the manufacturer recommends (third visit) (I had 4 new MICHELIN tires, new front brakes, new struts totaling $2,500) -- WRONG! What now??????
I purchased a 2006 QX56 and loved it; however I had a lot of problems with the vehicle to include a bad transmission, cracked front and rear differential housings, one cracked exhaust manifold and ongoing electrical issues. after talking with the dealer I decided I would upgrade to a 2008 model and just consider the first vehicle a "lemon". The 2008 model I purchased was a little nicer than the 2005, with better technology and for the most part it has been a much better vehicle from a repair standpoint. The main problem that remained was the cracked exhaust manifold; BOTH sides cracked about 12,000 after the warranty ran out. When I was told what the problem was causing the "noise" I asked "isn't this unusual" and the answer from the service agent and the mechanic was "no, this happens to all the QX's; the manifolds are made out of stainless steel and the heating and cooling causes them to crack!" Then I asked why this would not be considered a manufacturer's problem and I was told "it just isn't; you are out of warranty and its YOUR problem!" they wanted $2,800 to fix the two manifolds, which I declined. Instead I decided that I would ask Infiniti WHY THEY ARE NOT FIXING an OBVIOUS DEFECT? How can they expect to keep customers loyal to their brand if they are not going to back up their product? I LOVE THIS VEHICLE but if Infiniti is not going to back up their product, then I will never buy another one and I will make it my mission in life to take away as many future customers as possible. I recommend you buy this vehicle IF you can talk your dealer into GIVEING you an extended warranty that exceeds 100,000 miles
I love my QX56 after five with no problems at all, until now. My dash panel lights went out. They come on when i put light switch on auto or turn the head lights off.I need help ,what is the problem with my dash panel.
Brought a 2007 Infiniti QX56 in 2010. It's a beautiful looking vehichle, inside and out. I'm new to the brand and heard great things about Infiniti but I'm still waiting to be impressed. Now my warranty is run out, things are starting to go wrong.
I have a 2005 I bought new. It now has 98,000 miles. We have pulled a 32 foot travel trailer up to NY state and down to Florida multiple times. It has been a very good vehicle and we are very happy with it. The only significant problems we had were cracked exhaust manifolds and front brake warping, which were all fixed under warranty and improved or corrected on later model years. Despite the abuse three kids, two dogs, and no garage can inflict, it still looks new inside and out. It burns no oil between 7,500 mile changes. I have always used Mobil 1 5w30. Gas mileage is not great but it will get 20 mpg on the highway without the trailer. My soon to be teen drivers argue over who will get to drive it, they still love it.
Likely the best truck frame vehicle that I've owned. It has impressive pick up and a comfortable ride. The only issue I have noticed is that the front end "feels" like it is hopping a tiny bit when crossing expansion joints on bridges or uneven road surfaces. The interior and amenities are first class.