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Infiniti G20 (19 Reviews)
I have had my car since 1997, I bought it used, the previous owner/mechanic did not take care of the cooling system, thus I had to replace the engine, however, since then, it's new owner, my son has been enjoying it for the past three years with a few minor problems. I am replacing the clutch cable, for the first time, and am having trouble connecting it to the clutch pedal...
G20 02 - Very good car overall. Minimal Problems. 33 mpg - comfortable. Corners well, ride is good. Radio is good. Sunroof nice. With base car which is loaded usually. Cheap to buy tires, 15 size.
Cup-holders stink - one weakness area to many power steering lines, that are numerous. must be 6-7 hoses. Have changed 3 so far. Other wise no major trouble with car. Like all new cars not as easy to work on and replace things. I miss my dodge dart where everything was accessible.
Good car overall. Cheap on fuel. No power house. But you can run 60-70 all day long. Nice interior. Nice sunroof. Decent radio Not to many cup holders.
An excellent, reliable car. I have kept it maintain as scheduled, have had no major probelms.
I love my 1994 G20, manual transmission. The check engine light used to come one and I used to take it to the dealer and they said they would clean out the hoses. That told me instantly that it was the less than premium gasoline I was using at the time. Since then I only use premium gasoline and the check engine light never came one again. Hope this helps someone with this same problem.
In 2004 I purchased used a 1995 Infinity G20t with 114,00 miles. Immediately the A/c stopped blowing cold air. Took to a local A/c shop and had it recharged and also a leak detecting agent. It's 2012 and it still is working great. I have replaced both front drive axles, a lower control arm,struts,alternator,radiator,water pump,hoses,belts,battery(twice),brakes and tires. I just had transmission seviced a couple of months ago. I do most of the work myself which saves a lot of $ and in doing so I use nothing but the best in synthetic lubricants. It now has over 148,000 miles and I love it. I originally paid 3,200 so with this and the maint costs I figure I've spent roughly less than $500.00 per year thus far and remember that's including the purchase price. This is my around town and work vehicle. Did I mention everything works and has never left me stranded.The leather interior is about an 8 in a scale of 1 to 10. It even still gets the OEM MPG. So, what do I think of this vehicle? It's a winner. They should never have discontinued it.
I bought my 1999 G20 5 speed as a new left over model in june of 2000. It now has 209000 miles on and still has the original rear brakes. The front brakes were replaced at 120000 and the starter was replaced at 140000 miles. I also had new belts put on at 180000. I have had the car serviced regularly every 5000 miles since I bought it, but have only had the above mentioned repairs. Of course I have had batteries and tires replaced as needed. I'm sorry Infiniti doesn't make these anymore
I bought this vehicle (1995 Infinity G20t) used in 2004. A great little car. Interior is near perfect still (all leather) and I have probably spent $1,500.00 including tires on this vehicle since I've owned it. I do most of my own maintenance which saves $'s. It now has over 142.000 miles on it but seems to be pretty strong runner for being almost 17 years old. Needs a front drivers side axle now but this will be around $100.00 by the time I buy an axle,seal,boot and new spindle nut. This vehicle has never left me stranded, and since I don't drive that many miles I believe I will keep it as long as I can pass smog. Love it and would get another.
Bought mine in very good condition with 136,000 miles in 2009. It had been owned by college daughter of an affluent lawyer, so it was well maintained. Paid $2800! It was great for first 10K miles...then the alternator went. Replaced it myself...not too difficult, just a little time consuming. Subsequently, radiator cracked. Replaced that myself too - very easy, got a good deal on eBay for a new one with lifetime guaranty.
Next was front wheel mechanic did that repair with my parts. Then the new alternator went with only 10k miles on it. It was faulty. Had a lifetime warranty from Advance Auto so I got a new one - no charge, but had to put it back in myself, again. Easier second time - getting to be an expert at this. Now have 156,000 miles on it. Check Engine light just lit. Code reader says P0138. Looks like Rear O2 Sensor is going. Pretty cheap part. I'll do this myself too. Despite these problems, this is a really nice car. I use it for commuting only (56 miles RT per day) and it gets 25 - 31 mpg, depending on traffic speed. The items which have failed are beyond projected life-cycle for the most part, so I'm not I got it for below book with great service records showing responsible service. You can save a lot of money if you do the repairs yourself. Second best is to find a good, honest mechanic. Never go to an Infiniti dealer, unless you want to spend 200%-300% more than a private mechanic. Believe it or not, I would buy another one of these. They are comfortable, fun to drive and prestigious. The only improvement Infiniti could have made is offering either a manual transmission, or better yet, a stronger engine. These are a little under powered, particularly noticeable with the AC on...wish they had made a convertible...The only problem I currently have that I can't figure out is a rattle/thumping coming from down below my left foot on the driver's side? Got any ideas? I know it had new axles installed by the previous owner right before I bought it...maybe this is a strut problem???
Nevertheless, if you've got one...Enjoy it!
I bought the car in 2008 with 103000 miles. This car has been nothing but problems avoid at all costs!!! The 1st of many issues happened at 107000 miles when the motor went out 3100.00. The radiator went out next followed by the heating and air conditioner. The alternator and belts were next. The fans went out next. The front shocks and struts had to be replaced next. The starter followed along with the brakes due to excessive vibrarions when hitting the brakes. Some power steerin unit went out in the middle of winter making it impossible to turn the steering wheel. The check engine light is now on due to something electrical. The transmission has now begun to slip. All in all this car has been nothing but a headache buy something new instead of this piece of junk.
I love my g20 but when you cant afford to pay some one to do a clutch your better off saving money and making it happen because it is the most difficult thing to do when you do not have a garage or all the proper tools! Aside from that it is a great handling running and driving car! Even the base model has allot of power options!
Perfect sedan for drivers. Excellent handling, good ergonomics, outstanding fuel economy, and easy to maintain. If you aren't a do it yourselfer, repairs can be costly.
Beautiful car, love the way it run truly in love with this car.
Love my little G20. Bought this car a year ago, and though I have had some issues with it(new about most of the problems when I bought it), it has still served me well. Comfortable to drive, solid performing engine, and able on the highways, a pleasant surprise for a car that is literally old enough to Only thing I would change is the cup-holder situation.....WHAT WHERE THEY THINKING???
i love my car it just has a few problems
Great Car - have had it since new in 2000 - no major problems except alternator went out rather early (02) have since passed 176k with no other problems. Used to keep regular maintc at Infiniti shop, now just take it to local shop for oil changes.
Great car. Going at over 150,000 miles. Original transmission working pretty well. Pretty easy service-wise, with the exception of the front end which has had a number of problems, especially relating to snow belt rust issues. Super engine, but would be much happier with room to breathe in a manual transmission. Highly recommended for the Accord/ Camry buyer who wants to get a better deal. This car is based a on a time tested reliable Euro car platform and is not some short lived luxury trial model.

I bought mine for under $4000 at 120, 000.
Love this car. We bought ours used but in good condition & it has done very well. Infiniti lifetime warranties their seat belts so when one of the rear seat belts wouldn't retract we took it to the local dealership service department & they replaced it free of charge.