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Infiniti Q45 (17 Reviews)
Bought this car new in Sept 1999. Just love it.
It has great power and a nice quiet and smooth ride.
Love the auto adjusting seats and steering wheel with two separate settings.
The Bose Audio system is amazing.
The paint has held up so nice it looks like new.

The only issue I ever have had was an intermittent misfire when idling. Replaced the Spark plug coils and it is now perfect again. Car now has over 134K miles looks new!

BTW, I like another reviewer was not happy putting Hi test Gas in it which I did for years. But then I tried mid grade. No noticeable difference in Performance. And now I use regular and still no issue. NO Ping no knock and that is because this cars computer adjusts the timing for whatever gas is in it. Not like an old Carburetor that will cause knocking if the timing is off with low test gas. So save money and use regular.

Now if I want the car to look totally new I will replace the Driver seat with a brand new leather cover to factory spec. yep. I am keeping this car until it dies.... and why not its probably worth about $3K now.
My biggest worry is that I get hit and the damage is above the book value and they refuse to fix it. Now THAT will be sad. Cause this car is fantastic. I have checked out Mercedes and BMW's and nothing compares. And I hate all that digital stuff on cars these days. I love the ease of analog controls.

And Infiniti has nothing that compares in Size to this Q. Everything is based on the G chassis which is like a sports car compared to this Luxury car.

I want to keep it for ever!
my first car is a 96 q45. i love my car! i love the way it handles in the snow and ice i love the v8 i love the gas mileage i love the heated leather seats and the moon roof! i love how smooth ridin it is!! guys i love everything about this car i will never ever get rid of my q45 car!!i fell in love with it!!!!
I recently bought a 2002 Q45- After replacing struts, putting $1220 in Michelin tires, O2 sensor and assorted other items related to a used car, the ride/engine is fantastic. The exhaust system is having issues now due to rust underneath- a common problem with this car. The gas mileage stinks and the required super unleaded fuel wears on your pocket book. This is a really fun and fast car to drive for a luxury vehicle, but be ready for ridiculously expensive repairs when required. This car reminds me of my SAAB- a blast to drive and a bummer when it needs works- too darn expensive to fix! Only buy this car if you can afford to fix it when it breaks!
The Q45 has been one of my best yet. Love the luxury it has to offer like the Gold clock in the middle nice touch for 1994 I would say. This car I used it for work and any long travels. I got sick and lost a lot including my job so I had no choice but to park my baby. Now I need to start her up with a new starter and back suspension other then that had to replace tare and ware brake lines. That is sure to happen with time, this car is great and I will continue to get it up and going the car is well worth it. The engine in this car has a lot of power to it can not complain here I love this car :)
I love my Infiniti 2003 Q45 and until recently I did not have any issues. After taking the car to the dearler because the Fob kept deprograming they isolated it to a shorted Dome Light. To repair this is 650.00 but I hate it now that they disconeccted it as I have no light when it is dark. Anyone else have this problem?
This is a 1995 Q45a. I purchased it in 1998. Up to a few months ago, I had no problems with it. Performance is and the car is economical to run. Handling of this car is superb.
Currently the valve cover gaskets need changing, the traction and slip option need attention and the muffler has a leak.
It is my intension to fix these items and have my car like new again.
Hi! I'm in need of a EXCELLENT mechanic to work on my 2001 infiniti Q45T as soon as possible? I'm located in Atlanta, GA... I'm also curious to know the mechanic that @otterdotter in Covington, GA goes to. Otterdotter please email me ...Thanks!...
Have proble white smoke comes aout mofler q45 infynity
i brought my 1994 infiniti q45t from an auction in lexington,sc for $900. it was $1200 in all with taxes. This is a great car. but its very costly. since i had my car i brought a new radiator $368, 3 fuel injectors $420, starter $120, blower motor $68, Battery $106, ignition coil $119, fuel filter $15, rear shock/struts $149. i still have to replace a fuel rail i bent taking a injector out, 2 fuel injectors, and the fuel pump. i wouldn't sell my car for nothing. this is a great car for the money. high quality engine. performance is top of the line for an 2 ton vehicle. i race an nissan max. beat it. 2005 mustang. beat it. 1997 acura legend. beat it.
*Infiniti Q-45* Great automobile, best in it's class by far.
My Infiniti is 18 years young and I still get nice comments on this car and awe when they hear the older year when they've guessed much newer year. Proud I are. So is my Infiniti dealer/and personal mechanic.
Rides and handles very well-always use the best in touring tire -keep them balanced and rotated and your $400 set of tires will last a long time. Mine do. I recently had the fuel injectors cleaned and engine tuned up. Runs like a new one! still. Lots of nice amenities that come standard as always with the Infiniti.
Only repair this car needs now is the A/C just went out. Not bad for the age. Looking at the new M series for the future, but for now my baby is keeping me happy.
I had this car in storage for over 5 years. I finally uncovered it and started driving it. It is a very smooth ride and had many well-designed comfort features rarely found in many cars. I especially love the dual sunroof with a flip top portion near the rear of the sunroof. Seat warmers are nice too.
very good car but a little complicating when coming to fix parts
Fine car, good ride and performance.
great car for the value
this is a great car for the mileage. nonsmoker, taken great care of the car.