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I had heard of this infamous film by Claude Lelouch, which is the driver's-eye view of an unsanctioned and completely unscripted high-speed romp through the streets of Paris in a Ferrari 275 GTB, but I had never had a chance to watch--and more importantly, to listen--to it. Thanks to Grant for sending along!

Here is a very fun look back to a promotional film for a Ford Dealership in Oakland California, circa 1932. For those of us that live in the East Bay it includes some great shots of the area. They mention the newly renovated Fox Theater and show a shot of a Ford driving up Fish Ranch Road. I especially like walk though of the service department, showing what it was like before hydraulic lifts. Enjoy!

Chrysler, Americas 3rd largest auto company, announced that it will file for bankruptcy protection and at the same time that it has entered into a partnership with Fiat Motors of Italy. They will become eligible for up to 8 billion in federal aid on top of the over 4 billion they have already received. The bankruptcy case was filed in United States Bankruptcy Court in New York, with the first hearing scheduled for tomorrow morning. It marks the first time a major American car company has tried to restructure under bankruptcy protection since Studebaker in 1933.

Here at RepairPal we've heard from several users that we were missing their 2008-09 vehicles. Those of you with the RepairPal iPhone App were especially helpful in letting us know where we needed attention. We put our staff to work, poured over tons of data, checked all the new models to make sure the data was accurate, and have now finished! For 2008 we updated or added 285 models, and almost 300 for 2009!

We've added or updated another 50 models at RepairPal! We are currently processing new data, so we will be adding even more models in the coming weeks. If you don't see your vehicle here, don't hesitate to request that your vehicle be added!

Our Technical Advisor Robert Isbell recently was asked to evaluate a local automotive repair program for certification, and as a service to our users, we would like to present a glimpse into the technician training process to help understand what it takes to be a highly trained automotive technician. Technicians Education Certification

This is no April Fools joke, we've added or updated over 50 models at RepairPal! There are now many of the Hybrids available too! If you didn't see the last group of new additions, check out the list here We are currently processing new data, so we will be adding even more models in the coming weeks. If you don't see your vehicle here, don't hesitate to request that your vehicle be added!

Everyday we hear stories about how RepairPal is helping people around the country (and even some people in far corners of the world). In recent months the quantity of stories has increased a lot. Last week, our hometown NBC station helped share one of these stories. Check it out: Do you have a RepairPal story? Share it with us!

Now that everyone in my social circle knows that I spend far too much of my life thinking about auto repair, I get a lot of car-related email and news--which is great!  There's a lot of it. I was just sent this auto repair shop advertisement from a 1928 newspaper, and while I can't verify that it is authentic, but for fun, let's just assume that it is.

This is the latest in a series of blog posts that our Honda expert, Robert Isbell, is writing for RepairPal. Robert has worked at Honda dealerships for over 22 years as a technician, shop foreman and service manager. He has developed and led new owner clinics that educate new owners about their cars and he will be contributing to  our blog to educate our visitors about the methods for getting the most out of your service experience. Missed the preceding post? Click here.