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If you rely on your own car or truck for transportation, the cost of repair and maintenance is a familiar dread. To understand which parts of the country have the most budget-breaking costs of repair, we analyzed average repair costs over the past 12 months as compared to median household incomes in 2015.

Cars have long symbolized freedom for teens and young adults, but that freedom comes with a healthy dose of responsibility. Even though younger Americans appear to be owning and driving vehicles at increasingly lower rates...

The Great American Solar Eclipse will hit the United States on August 21, 2017. Stretching from the Northwest (Oregon) to the Southeast (South Carolina), the eclipse will cast a shadow that’s estimated to be 70 miles wide.

Despite the recent news about major automotive recalls throughout the country, Americans don't always think to check if their vehicle has been affected. Left unaddressed, a recalled issue on your car or truck could result in a major hassle, or in extreme cases, personal harm.

Project Wreckless is a nonprofit based in San Francisco dedicated to providing tools for life for inner city youth. The organization takes at-risk young people in the area and instructs them on classic car restoration. The kids get to touch every aspect of the learning experience, from wrenching and welding to...

RepairPal's Certification process is our way of standing by you during every step of the auto repair experience. Certified Shops honor fair price estimates - and are bringing trust and transparency to an industry not known for it.

With the transition from winter to spring, while most people are looking forward to sunshine and warm weather, mechanics are looking forward to pothole season...

Breaking News! Shattered News? However you call it, we're talking about glass! There comes a point in car ownership when your windshield or door glass needs attention. Maybe it's just pitted from years of rock blasting on the highway. Or maybe your rear door glass just caught a knuckle-ball from the neighbor's kid. Either way, your auto glass is going to need repair or replacement. 

When it comes to the price of auto repair, all states are not created equal. And while you may be shelling out the big bucks for a latte or an apartment in places like New York, you may be surprised to find that getting your car fixed there is relatively affordable.

While the RepairPal blog is a great place to find out why our cars are the way they are and work they way they do, you may not always find what you are looking for here. If you haven’t found what you’re looking for, you might want to check out the newly revamped RepairPal Encyclopedia.