Five New Cars That Will Keep Their Value

Natalie Josef
December 17, 2010

We all know the story—once you drive that brand new car off the lot, its value drops to below even what the dealer paid for it. Even though most of us aren’t thinking about the resale value of our new car when we sign the dotted line, we should be. No matter how much you love your new ride, there will probably be a time when you will have to part ways.

So, what cars retain their worth? Kelley Blue Book teamed up with the Automotive Lease Guide (ALG) to rank 2011 models according to their resale value. Kelley Blue Book looked at the projected market value of 2011 models after five years and ALG projected residual values at the end of a three-year lease.

Surprisingly, Subaru vehicles topped both lists, edging out Honda, a brand long known to hold value. As for luxury brands, BMW topped the Kelley Blue Book list and Infiniti came out on top of the ALG rankings. Here are five vehicles that made both the ALG and Kelley Blue Book lists as category winners:

Honda Fit
Winner of Car and Driver’s 10 Best
28 mpg city / 35 highway
Large cargo area
Starts at $15,650

Mini Cooper
Quick steering response and good power
Cute profile and fun colors
29 mpg city / 37 highway
Starts at $19,400

Subaru Outback
Good value against competing wagons
19 mpg city / 27 highway
Starts at $23,000

Toyota Tacoma
Ranked high for manufacturing quality by J.D. Power
Lots of standard convenience features
20 mpg city / 25 highway (good for a truck)
Starts at $16,365

Ford F-Series Super Duty
Best selling vehicle in the U.S.
Tops both resale lists for full-size pickup
Starts at $28,020


Natalie Josef

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