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Cars aren't always serious business-have some fun on the lighter side

Happy Amazon Prime Day! So what does that mean exactly? Amazon has set out to declare a day of killer deals on their website and that day is today, July 11, 2017. Our team has already scoured through their lists and found some of our favorite car-related deals on the site today.

Who invented the first automobile? Well, it seems like just about everyone can be credited, but if you're looking at the steam-powered engine, that credit is due to Nicholas-Joseph Cugnot. It didn't look much like what most people would call a car. It had only three wheels and was severely lacking in chassis.

Attention all kiddos and families alike! Father's Day is right around the corner and let's face it: buying the perfect present for dad can be hard. I end up having to set aside some serious time browsing Google and Amazon, racking my brain for what on earth my dad would actually like. I'm stating the obvious, but dad deserves the best this year, so check out our favorite gift ideas for Father's Day below.

Celebs are just like us right? Or maybe that’s just what they want you to think. For whatever reasons, some of the world’s most successful celebrities choose to drive affordable cars rather than getting behind the wheel of a motoring monument to their wealth. We at RepairPal have compiled a list that just might surprise you. Take a look.

The Society of Automotive Engineers was created over 100 years ago to connect automotive engineers with each other, and quality information. This means nearly nothing to most people until they see SAE written on a bottle of oil, or on a tool.

Cruise control is a great feature on modern cars – especially for long road trips. You can turn it on, set your preferred speed, (under the speed limit, right?) and just cruise. You don’t have to worry about maintaining your speed, and you can enjoy a smooth driving experience.

Cars never break down at convenient times.  For Jacquie K., it was especially difficult timing.  She lives in San Tan Valley, Arizona and she was in a military funeral procession on the way to the cemetery in her Jeep Cherokee when, as she puts it, “the radiator literally blew up”.  

We've all been on the road in bad weather and know the tension driving in the rain can bring. The rhythmic thump-thud of the wipers and the feeling of the wet road under your tires. The sensation that, if you're not careful, you might lose the control you're so used to having over your machine.

RepairPal wants to help you get where you need to be this season. We're hosting a giveaway for five lucky winners to get "Home for the Holidays" this year! Five people across the country will be chosen at random to each receive a $100 gift certificate to a RepairPal Certified shop near them – a great way to start out 2017.

Give the gift of car love this holiday season. We’ve compiled some of our favorite automotive gadgets and gizmos for the driver in your life.