Inside the Garage of a Classic Car Restorer

Natalie Josef
December 10, 2010

Last month, my partner went home to visit her father in Denver. When she came back, she had wonderful photos she had taken of her father’s workshop where he restores classic cars. I just love the photos and thought I would share them with you. Right now, he is working on a 1925 Dodge Touring Car—he just cut the roof off of it.

The car shown in most of the photos is a 1939 Dodge Sedan. He was born in 1939, and in addition to the car, he also has 1939 license plates from all fifty states. Enjoy!


Original 1939 Dodge Sedan when he first acquired it.


Restored bumper of 1939 Dodge Sedan.


Hood ornament on restored 1939 Dodge Sedan.


Instrument panel on restored 1939 Dodge Sedan.


1939 license plates from all fifty states.


The Type-A mechanic.


A man with a plan.


My partner's dad and a friend checking out the new project: a 1925 Dodge Touring Car.


Happy Friday!


Natalie Josef

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