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As the weather begins to cool down, our thoughts turn to football, bonfires, and all things pumpkin spice. You may also think of the fall foliage that's either here or on its way!

It’s a tough time to be a repair shop owner in Houston, southern Florida, or any of the other areas hit by natural disasters. From the Southern states affected by hurricanes and flooding, to the Pacific Northwest...

Your automatic transmission, with the exception of your engine, is one of the most important components of your vehicle. It allows you to shift up to higher speeds and shift down to lower speeds without having to mess with a clutch pedal and a gear shift.

If you rely on your own car or truck for transportation, the cost of repair and maintenance is a familiar dread. To understand which parts of the country have the most budget-breaking costs of repair, we analyzed average repair costs over the past 12 months as compared to median household incomes in 2015.

A damaged windshield can not only look unsightly, but it can obstruct your vision on the road and weaken the windshield itself along with the structure of the car roof. 

Back to school season is upon us and whether you're heading to high school, college, or the 9-to-5 grind, your car has essentials it needs, too! While you're stocking up on highlighters and college-ruled paper, stock up on these supplies to keep in the trunk.

Whether you are going to the beach, to the mountains, to visit family, or anywhere else this Labor Day, your road trip is part of the vacation and you should enjoy it just as much. As the popular saying goes, "Getting there is half the fun,” so here are some tips to make you road trip one to remember.

Getting your first vehicle is an exhilarating experience and it's usually synonymous with gaining more freedom. In addition to that, you're also making one of your first major purchases.

Cars have long symbolized freedom for teens and young adults, but that freedom comes with a healthy dose of responsibility. Even though younger Americans appear to be owning and driving vehicles at increasingly lower rates...

The Great American Solar Eclipse will hit the United States on August 21, 2017. Stretching from the Northwest (Oregon) to the Southeast (South Carolina), the eclipse will cast a shadow that’s estimated to be 70 miles wide.