Oprah Gives Audience Members the Not-Yet-Released 2012 Beetle

Natalie Josef
December 3, 2010

Leave it to Oprah … Volkswagen hasn’t even released an official picture of the 2012 Beetle, but already the media giant has given 275 of them away.

On November 22, 2010, Oprah, a noted Beetle fan, surprised the members of her studio audience by giving them each a 2012 Beetle. As part of the giveaway, VW is also covering applicable fees and taxes, in part because of a 2004 giveaway when Oprah gave away new Pontiac G6s, with the “winners” having to dole out about $7,000 in taxes.

Members of the audience were shown a silhouette of the car and video of Oprah’s reaction to seeing the car for the first time. The Beetle was selected as one of the items for Oprah’s annual “Favorite Things” show, which happens to be the last of its kind since the Oprah show will end by May 2011 with the arrival of her new cable channel, OWN: Oprah News Network.

The car will be unveiled in the spring of 2011, though it won’t be available until the fall. It’s expected to be offered in gasoline, diesel, and hybrid models, with a convertible option. It has front-wheel-drive, dual exhaust, 19-inch wheels, sports seats, and ambient lighting.

Here’s a clip from the show:

Natalie Josef

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