2008 Toyota Avalon Reviews

2008 Toyota Avalon Reviews and Owner Comments

2008 Toyota Avalon (2 Reviews)
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purchased 2008 Toyota Avalon XLS 3.5V6 engine with 30, 205 miles one owner in great shape. Shortly after it started making soft pinging noises in the engine when first started up. I bought it in Feb 2013, and now 10/30/13, have 37,000 miles and in the engine intermittent and at times much worse than others it sound like the lifters are making noise in the engine. I took it to the dealership purchased from and they say it is nothing to worry about and all ok. I don't like hearing the noise and would like it fixed, but they hesitate to do it. I bought a 4yr extended warranty for all major repair. Does anyone else hear these noises in their engine when starting or after driving awhile it will do it and usually when stopping and then starting at a light, it will do it for short periods.
Replaced condenser at 15,000 miles for $500 as rock hit condenser and damaged it. Toyota said road hazard no warranty coverage. Same thing at 62000 miles. Another500$. This is obviously a design defect. No more Junk Toyota for me. Obviously there is improper protection for the condenser. JUNK JUNK and more JUNK Toyota DOES NOT STAND BEHIND THEIR PRODUCT