2000 Toyota Avalon Repair and Maintenance

A guide to problems, costs, maintenance and repair for your 2000 Toyota Avalon

2000 Toyota Avalon Problems

On higher mileage vehicles, an engine misfire may develop and/or the Check Engine Light may illuminate due to a failed ignition coil. It is not uncommon to replace all the coils when the first one fails in order to prevent return trips to the repair shop.

The Check Engine Light may illuminate because a component of the oxygen sensor stops working. As a result the engine computer is unable to determine the proper ratio of air to fuel for the engine. Replacing the failed oxygen sensor should correct this concern.


The 6 cylinder engines have a tendency to leak oil from the valve cover gaskets, especially the one near the firewall.

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2000 Toyota Avalon Questions

Cover for the mirror is broken due to a side swipe of the garage door. The mirror still functions as normal it is just the outside cover broken.

as i was at school today i went to my car and as i opened my door suddenly the radio as well as the lights on the dash light up so i thought i had left it on (in my car its possible to remove the keys while the cars still on), so i put my key in the ignition and there was no tension as i turned t...

2 of the 6 spark plugs are under engine but there must be some way a do it yourself can access

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2000 Toyota Avalon Recalls

Toyota is recalling 2000–2004 Avalon models due to improper casting of the steering lock bar, which may cause the bar to crack or even break. If the bar breaks, the steering wheel will lock, causing the driver to lose control of the vehicle, increasing the risk of a crash. Dealers will replace the steering lock device free of charge.

Toyota is recalling 2000 Avalon, Camry, and Solara models because an improper heat treatment may cause the rear axle to be weaker in some areas. After extended use of the vehicle, the rear axle shafts could fail or break. Dealers will inspect and replace the rear axle hub assemblies.

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2000 Toyota Avalon Reviews

I have owned this 2000 avalon since 2003. It has never left me anywhere. I've had problems with the rear stabilzer links. I had a engine sludge problem, because I didn't change my oil as scheduled. I flushed the engine and had the oil passages blown out. this car just runs and runs. I have 250,000 on it. You can't beat the quality of a toyota.

Have a 2000 Avalon with 260,000 plus miles. That equals 122 in Ford years My strategy: keep it away from a dealer, except for oil changes. Check engine light comes on once or twice a year, turn it off by disconnecting the positive cable on your battery. It will usually occurs due to a misfire during starting, My car still gets over 30 miles to a gallon on the road and I have never changed the...

Hi Wolfman. I've had my Avalon for almost 11 years, original owner. DO NOT take your car to the dealer! I've been to four in Tampa Bay; all of them lie. One tried to sucker me into replacing all my belts, even though they had been replaced in the past year. Why? I asked because they didn't see a sticker, unique to Toyota dealers. No one even looked at the belts!! My car has 125,000 and ...

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