2011 Toyota Avalon Repair and Maintenance Costs

A guide to repairs, service, and maintenance costs for your 2011 Toyota Avalon

2011 Toyota Avalon Problems

Check Engine Light on Due to EVAP Vapor Canister Fault

The Evaporative system may have problems with the vapor canister releasing charcoal pellets that plug the vent valve. Typically a Code P0441, P0442 and P0446 will be set. The key code is the P0446 which is a vent valve electrical failure. The proper repair is to replace the entire canister with all the valves as a unit. This is located on top of the fuel tank and is expensive. Our Technicians tell us that for awhile Toyota was covering these problems, but this may have changed. It would not hurt to call the dealer if this problem occurs to see if Toyota is still helping with these repairs.

Rear Window Sunshade Fails and Makes Grinding Noise

The motor for the rear window sunshade in the Toyota Avalon is known to fail. When this occurs, the sunshade will not extend down the window, and a grinding noise is heard until the motor fails as well. 

Replacement of the sunshade assembly is necessary to correct this failure, however, removing the fuse for the sunshade will stop the motor from making the irritating grinding noise. 

Massive Oil Leak and Loss of Oil Pressure

The VVT-i oil line is known to burst. This is a very large leak which covers the ground, engine, and undercarriage.

If the oil line ruptures while driving, the low engine oil message and engine oil pressure warnings will illuminate. Continued use after these warnings will result in complete engine failure due to oil starvation.

The line is known to be defective, and a revised part has been issued by Toyota, however, this revised part is known for the same issue.

To repair the issue, the line must be replaced, and the engine bay and undercarriage must be cleaned thoroughly.

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2011 Toyota Avalon Questions

Why did check engine light come on and car start shuddering after replacing battery? (2 answers)

Hi everyone. I replaced my battery tonight because my car would not start and left me stranded three times in the past few days. After replacing the battery, the car started fine. I left for work tonight and as I was driving, I noticed that the RPM needle was wavering every so slightly the entire...

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why is the check engine light coming on? (2 answers)

my car is in good condition and i dont rag it out i only drive from point a to point b.....why do you think the check engine light is coming on? getting your oppinion so i dont get ran over.....thanks

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2011 Toyota Avalon Recalls

Subwoofer Speaker

These vehicles are being recalled because of an electrical fault with the subwoofer, a component of the stereo system. A short circuit may develop which can result in fire. While a remedy hasn't been announced, an interim fix which disconnects the subwoofer has been implemented by dealers.

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2011 Toyota Avalon Reviews

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We hate our 2010 Toyota Avalon (39,800 miles). The motor makes a tapping noise, sounds like a diesel truck. We have complained to dealership about this for over one year. They said there's nothing they can do about it. Leather seat was showing wear but they did replace. The quality is not what it's built up to be. There were many recalls on this car.
My 2011 toyota avalon has 9000 miles on it. At about 8000 miles I began to notice a pop in the steering collum when I would turn in either direction. The dealer stated that they would probably have to change out the steering colum assy. but would have to get authority from the toyota factory. I am still waiting. It is a great driving auto and very smooth but I am not happy abour having to wait ...
I have a 2011 avalon with 4700 miles. their is a whisling sound inside car between 2000 and 2500 rpms it sounds almost like a turbo charger.also in drive without AC on engine rpm drops down slowly while sitting to the point that car starts to shake. tech rep ststes this is normal. I am very mechanically inclined an old school mechanic and not crazy or ill.does any one out there have a cliue or ...

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