2007 Toyota Avalon Reviews

2007 Toyota Avalon Reviews and Owner Comments

2007 Toyota Avalon (2 Reviews)
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This is my second Avalon, and I love the car. Small problems with the interior are (1) I have long legs, and the driver's side is tight, sometimes I have trouble getting legs out (even with the adjustable steering wheel, and power seats); (2) the plug-in location to recharge my cell phone is in an awkward location and sometimes does not connect.; (3) there is a noticible blind spot (for me) as I turn left, and look to my right. The combination of right-side mirror plus the roof support post that separates the front windshield and the right-side door creates an occasional blind spot. It has hidden an oncoming car that happens to be in just the right place, given where I am sitting and my view. I've learned to be very careful on left turns. My engine critique is recent. Immediately following my 60,000 mile checkup, I noticed -- a block away from the dealer and the checkup -- that on turning a corner, the accelerator "hesitated" before it caught. The power was not consistant. On a return check, the dealer could find no problems, but the power hesitation persists. It's something I have to solve, as my wife refuses to drive the car until she KNOWS it's fixed. Any ideas, Toyota?
Near comparable to Lexus LS for signifcantly less $$. Regular fuel instead of premium, front wheel drive vs rear, rear power sun shade std on Limited vs optional for the LS, larger interior, better fuel mileage.