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Owners' Reviews

2000 Jaguar XJ8 Reviews and Owner Comments

2000 Jaguar XJ8
4 Reviews
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Overall Score (4 reviews)
  • Body, Interior & Misc.
  • Engine
  • Brakes
  • Exhaust & Emissions
  • Drive Train
  • Heating & Air Conditioning
  • Electrical & Lights
  • Suspension & Steering
2000 Jaguar XJ8 Owner Reviews (4 reviews)
  • 2000 Jaguar XJ8
    wheatck, Lynchburg, VA, September 15, 2014 22:21
    I have a 2000 Jaguar xj8l great car if I can keep an engine in it. My first motor only had 46,000 miles needed engine chain broken, 55,000 miles chain broken. I didn't hear any noise, but starter turn but not engine. This should be a recall, I've had the car for almost 3 years and haven't had a 6 month drive out of it. I am really pissed, but I want to keep my Jaguar, I am 65 and have wanted one when I was about 7years old and now Jaguar Corp has really let me down, everyone doesn't have it, the way, CEO, COO Exec. VP, does. Recall, show some love, Jaguar Corp.
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  • 2000 Jaguar XJ8
    Visitor, Altoona, IA, May 19, 2011 11:58
    I would encourage any XJ-8 (1998-2003) owner to replace the plastic timing belt tensioners with the much more reliable metal tensioners that became standard in 2004 and newer models. I broke a tensioner (plastic) three weeks ago and the total repair bill was in excess of $3,000.00. If you like the car (and I really do) PLEASE HAVE THIS PREVENTIVE MAINTENANCE DONE BEFORE THE CAR BREAKS YOUR HEART!
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  • 2000 Jaguar XJ8
    Visitor, Sharpsburg, GA, June 21, 2010 14:05
    I have really enjoyed my 2000 XJ8 and have had only minor things done, like spark plugs once. Now that it has 130000 miles, the A/C cooling fans are being replaced. Cost about $800 including labor and new tubing and antifreeze. I just love the car. I will never go to Hennessey to have it repaired again...they are outrageous in price and did not do a good job. Found a great repair shop.
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  • 2000 Jaguar XJ8
    madness, New York, NY, January 05, 2010 05:30
    I like the car alot, I have only one real problem with this vehicle and that is documentation or written vehicle support. Getting information about repair is harder than finding out military secrets. On the other side if you own a OBD2 checker and mantain your vehicle this vehicle will last you forever.
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