2001 Jaguar XJ8 Repair and Maintenance

A guide to problems, costs, maintenance and repair for your 2001 Jaguar XJ8

2001 Jaguar XJ8 Problems

Overheated engine may damage cylinder bores
If this engine is allowed to severely overheat, the cylinder bores will suffer damage, resulting in excessive engine oil consumption.
Center Arm Rest Cup Holder May Break

The cup holder in the front center arm rest is flimsy and may break, making it impossible to close the cup holder assembly.

Plastic Timing Chain Tensioners May Fail and Cause Engine Damage

On this V8 engine, timing chain problems are very common. Because the timing chain tensioners were made from plastic, they can fail prematurely and cause serious engine damage. A noticeable engine noise while idling or during a cold start can indicate a timing chain tensioner problem. The engine noise may also be accompanied by a rough or uneven engine idle. Improved components are available to remedy this problem.

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2001 Jaguar XJ8 Questions

Fluid leaking from rear view mirror how 2 fix (1 answer)

Went 2 put top down and this fluid was pouring out of top

one of my brake lights on my 2000 Jaguar xj8 isn't working. (1 answer)

I get a signal to check brake light. The left brake light bulb is out. Both the bulb and fuse are good. When I press the brake petal I hear a click by the shift lever. Any ideas on what going on?

My jag is randomly spitting coolant out what would cause that? (1 answer)

It comming from below the frame on the drivers side.

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2001 Jaguar XJ8 Reviews

The timing belt had to be replaced at 100,000 miles. Otherwise, this XJR was super.
my fuel pump no electri feed is comeing to the pump what must do

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