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1999 Jaguar XJ8

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1999 Jaguar XJ8 Problems

Miscellaneous -- Verified

The cup holder in the front center arm rest is flimsy and may break, making it impossible to close the cup holder assembly.

Engine -- Verified

On this V8 engine, timing chain problems are very common. Because the timing chain tensioners were made from plastic, they can fail prematurely and cause serious engine damage. A noticeable engine noise while idling or during a cold start can indicate a timing chain tensioner problem. The engine noise may also be accompanied by a rough or uneven engine idle. Improved components are available to remedy this problem.

Engine -- Verified

If this engine is allowed to severely overheat, the cylinder bores will suffer damage, resulting in excessive engine oil consumption.

1999 Jaguar XJ8 Questions and Answers

goatdeer, 1999 Jaguar XJ8, Blue Island, IL

my car start making a knocking sound and i checked the oil and the oil was low about 4.5 quarts and i put in the oil and the engine still knocks. what can i do to stop the knocking.

drmold, 1999 Jaguar XJ8, Hudson, FL

Can I put an engine from a 2003 xj8 4.0 in a 1999 xj8 4.0. Does it "plug" in?????

Maroon99, 1999 Jaguar XJ8, Rancho Cordova, CA

I went to back up and my car that has alot of power, acted like it was in Neutral and then jerked real hard? I drov off and it seemed o.k. but as soon as I had to stop and tried to go again the Tra...

mrjag, 1999 Jaguar XJ8, Oklahoma City, OK

Amber light flashes and the letters ASC come on in the odometer and car just revs and then has a loss of power. It is very cold and icey here.

gpack, 1999 Jaguar XJ8, Columbus, GA

vehicle will trunover but will not start. i have change the fuel pump. the maint code is showing T11.

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1999 Jaguar XJ8 Reviews

Bought mine in 2000 and have loved it ever since. Drove it for 10 years with hardly any problems. This year had to have the timing chain replaced and thermastat earlier this year, which was NOT cheap. It needed towed today, and we think it might be the fuel pump.... Even with that said.... LOVE LOVE LOVE my car!

i have 1999 jaguar xj8,had lot of work done but run very well now

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