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2007 Honda Odyssey (3 Reviews)
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2007 Oydssey purchased in 2008 with 24000 miles. Then nothing but problems. Two recalls. 50000 miles AC goes $500. Alt goes out next $400. Next at 80000 miles wheel seal goes $500. Then AC again $1000 at 85000 miles. Wheel issue ruins front tires $200. 2000 Oydssey purchased new but it was a Canadian modal sold to me by an American Dealer. transmission fails at 95000 miles. Honda American turns their back on me tells me sorry its a Canadian modal so we do not have to honor the recall. Nor are we going to replace the transmission it is your problem. Today my dealer applies to Honda America for "Goodwill Help" to repair AC the second time. Guess what they declined to help. Burned twice. Never again no more Honda for me!
We've had the van for about 3 years and really like it, however we've been having problems with the front wheel bearings. Both have been replaced (supposedly) and we're starting to experience (again) a rumbling and shaking in the front end, especially on cooler mornings.It gets worse on turns and winding roads. It just isn't a smooth ride like it used to be. We took it back to the dealers and they said it was the power steering pump. Well this morning it's a little cooler outside and guess what. It's going back to the shop. Glad we got the extended warranty, but I don't understand why they can't fix it once and for all.
We own the 2007 Odyssey Touring. We have had the vehicle for almost 4 years and do not have any serious complaints. It is exceptional as a family vehicle. It could be quieter on the road. There has been a brake recall and now we just heard that there is a transmission recall. This model comes with the Run Flat tires and they wear out fast and are expensive. We are still not sure if this disappointing. My wife likes the idea that a flat tire will not leave her stranded. The A/C struggles on long drives in the summer. We are impressed overall.