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Owners' Reviews

2001 BMW X5 Reviews and Owner Comments

2001 BMW X5
7 Reviews
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2001 BMW X5 Owner Reviews (7 reviews)
  • 2001 BMW X5
    DrMinsky, Point Roberts, WA, November 16, 2014 13:12
    I have never been so motivated to write a review of a vehicle. I have owned a lot of cars in life and fancy myself a bit of a backyard mechanic. I've spent a lot of time under the hood figuring out how to bring life back to my loved machines. I'm now learning BMW is NOT a car to pick up if you want it to last you a lifetime and be that reliable partner in adventures you are expecting. New, they are outstanding machines. Used, move on. Costly to repair and carrying this feeling of hesitation about doing anything but sitting at the curb these vehicles are a disappointment. I have an 01 X5 4.4. It sounds great has decent power but weighs as much as Jupiter so you miss out on all the good stuff once you spend some time with it. Driving it is wonderful. You're seating in a very well thought out cabin with almost subconscious access to controls. The handling is excellent and the functionality keeps impressing you with each little discovery of "Oh they put that THERE? That's perfect". I've owned mine for just under a year. In that time I've had to let the pros work on it a few times. It left me stranded on the highway when smoke began billowing from it's nether regions. $1200 PCV repair The drive shaft and front crank case went on me a couple of weeks ago a block from my couch. That was $3800 and luckily the shop was able to find me a used part, new it was a $6000 repair. I've also had a series of issues such as fuel filter replacement (that's normal wear and tear so I wasn't too concerned however I was on the highway out of town so had a shop do the work and the $250 price tag surprised me. Heated seats stopped working. My sunroof wouldn't close one day then just suddenly did. That was odd. There's an oil leak from the drain plug which seems to just leak. This SHOULD be an easy fix... I recognize I may have gotten "a lemon" as they say. However after reading so many reviews I have come to realize that's not true. These vehicles are marvelous new, but not built to last. If you're looking at the price tag on an older BMW thinking "oh with just a few repairs I can bring new life and love to a used car" think again. Even with Bruce Wayne's trust fund you never see him in one of these, too expensive to maintain. I don't trust it to take me to work anymore, every little sound smell and hesitation I fear is another fortune in repair costs out of my backyard league waiting to happen. The romance is dead BMW. I think we should start seeing other people.
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  • 2001 BMW X5
    TristanReal, Willowbrook, IL, July 02, 2013 17:24
    First bought this X5 is very stunning good rugged looks but unlike other trucks this is elegant and stylish. Love bmw's because they never go out of style, even for an older model does not look so old. As with any car/truck common problems plauge such as Coolant reservoir, PCV system, Sway bar links, front axles, mass air flow meter to name a few. but not so bad.
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  • 2001 BMW X5
    Visitor, Fresno, CA, December 21, 2011 16:08
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  • 2001 BMW X5
    Visitor, Monsey, NY, March 09, 2011 14:37
    I purchased this car with 26000 mles on it. It now has 166000! Read the reviews and had many of the same issues. Wipers just stopped, the dealer tightened the linkage and used lock tight. Prob solved. Locks frozen in winter, try to get some lubricant in there if you can. Solved my problem and I had this issue for years. Console light intermittantly indicates that my headlight is out, but it is not. No major repairs and it is still going strong. It seems to burn oit though and I always keep 5 quart container of Mobile 1 and check between changes. Love my car. Would get another one but I want to see when this one gives out first..
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  • 2001 BMW X5
    Visitor, Ogdensburg, NY, January 30, 2011 15:53
    Bought vehicle new - now has 125K miles. Great vehicle - excellent tow vehicle (5000 lb boat). Love the vehicle BUT costly to maintain and repair - has cost $0.15/mile for R&M.
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  • 2001 BMW X5
    Ptjs, Council Bluffs, IA, November 06, 2010 20:36
    Really nice car has 82000 had it two yrs now and only thing bothers me is the stock brakes leave a ton of dust on the wheels. If you open the back hatch with the button inside and then open & close any of the front doors it will cause the hatch to stick as it sucks the hatch down on the lock.
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  • 2001 BMW X5
    germansue, Burlington, NJ, May 04, 2009 13:36
    I bought my X5 new in 2001. In the beginning I had tons of minor issues, which were all covered under warranty. I only had one major repair since the extended warranty was up in 2008. I absolutely love my truck and hope to drive it for many more years to come.
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