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Resources for the Repair and Maintenance of your 2005 BMW X5

2005 BMW X5

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2005 BMW X5 Problems

Engine -- Verified

Valve cover gasket leaks are common after 60,000 miles. Symptoms will include oil drips under the vehicle and burning oil smell from the engine compartment.

Engine -- Verified

The low coolant light may illuminate and/or the engine may overheat as a result of a coolant leak from the water pump. The leaking pump will require replacement and the entire cooling system should be inspected for leaks as it is not uncommon to find multiple leaks on higher mileage vehicles.
Overheating can cause severe engine damage. If the engine begins to overheat it is recommended to stop at the first available location and ...

Suspension & Steering -- Verified

The front thrust rod bushings—also referred to as tension strut bushings—are known to fail occasionally. The oil-filled rubber mounts weaken and crack over time, causing a mushy road feel and shuddering in the steering wheel when going over bumps.

Engine -- Verified

The thermostat may fail resulting in engine overheating and/or illumination of the Check Engine Light. Replacement of the thermostat along with a complete inspection of the cooling system will be necessary to correct this concern.
Overheating can cause severe engine damage. If the engine begins to overheat it is recommended to stop at the first available location and have your vehicle towed to a repair shop.

Drive Train -- Verified

After 60,000 miles, the front outer half-shaft boots tend to tear and leak grease. In most cases, only the boot will have to be replaced; however, if it is not repaired soon enough, the half-shaft may need to be replaced. The front outer boots are put under heavy stress because of their involvement with the suspension when making turns.

2005 BMW X5 Recalls (Recent)

Body, Interior & Misc., September 13, 2007

RepairPal Expert Overview:

Certain aftermarket BMW bike carriers, P/N 82110393954, sold for use on 2005 BMW X3 and X5 vehicles. A pinch bolt exists between the bike arm bracket and the upright assembly of the hitch style bicycle rack. When moving the bike arm bracket to its down position, the pinch point has the potential of causing severe injury to the users finger or hand. BMW will provide a repair kit and instructions on repair.  The campaign # is 07E069000


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Brakes, October 28, 2005

RepairPal Expert Overview:

On certain sport utility vehicles, the left front brake line bracket was not welded properly and may come loose resulting in brake line rubbing and possibly bursting. This will result in the loss of braking and could lead to an accident. Dealer will re-attach the brake line support bracket free of charge. The BMW campaign # is 05V367000

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Drive Train, November 30, 2005

RepairPal Expert Overview:

Certain passenger vehicles may have been built with incorrectly manufactured transmission guide plate part. This may cause the parking  lock system to not activate when the transmission is placed in park. If the vehicle is parked on an incline and the parking brake is not engaged the vehicle may roll away causing an accident. The dealer will repair and replace the automatic transmission guide plate free of charge. The campaign # is 05V504000

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2005 BMW X5 Questions and Answers

chrissyhage, 2005 BMW X5, V8, Miami, FL

my fuel gauge indicator does not show the correct fuel level. Sometimes it shows full tank when it is half full, and on the same day with the tank still half full it will show empty tank and the in...

cynpon, 2005 BMW X5, 6 Cylinder, Orange, CA

What kind of gas does this care take?

alltall, 2005 BMW X5, 3.0L 6 Cylinder, Dundalk, MD

All airconditioning and cabin temperature controls display lights are out. no fan blower

p6a8t, 2005 BMW X5, 4.4L V8, Fort Smith, AR

Bought my X5 new, and now have 89,000 miles. At about 38,000 miles I noticed a hard 2nd to 1st downshift on rolling stops. Dealer said there were no software updates and there was nothing they coul...

Osoba, 2005 BMW X5, Mulberry Grove, IL

the trans failsafe program light is on and the gear doesnt work properly it jerks wen the car is gradually coming to a halt lets say between 0-20mph..

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2005 BMW X5 Reviews

Good car so far when it come engine and driving but sensors go off like crazy. Luckily my hubby learn to read code himself and understand the car but otherwise might be in the dealer. Must sensor were false alarms. Costly when in need of repair. Glad we have the opportunity to own a BMW but might be our last due to high repair cost and ton of unneeded sensors. BMW makes them complicated to repair for to make money. Many things the regular mechanic can't due because special tools are needed. Lots of electric wiring. One window ($500 plus and only BMW had the tools) and sunroof motor ($2000+ but manage to get a discount) burned out and need replacement.

This car looks pretty good, and handles well in the rain (what little we have seen) and snow (in the mountains). It's a comfortable on the open road, and carries quite a bit of gear. No problems at all with this very low-mileage vehicle (7.5K per year). In fact, I don't believe this '05 X-5 is even broken in yet. City driving mileage pathetic at 15mpg, and we've sen 20+ on the freeways. My only concern is the 3.0 litre engine which is underpowered for the size and weight of this vehicle.

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