2010 Honda Civic Repair and Maintenance

A guide to problems, costs, maintenance and repair for your 2010 Honda Civic

Damaged engine mounts can lead to vibration and roughness felt in the steering wheel. A rattle in the dash and engine area may also be heard. Replacement of damaged mounts will commonly correct these issues.

On certain models the windshield wipers will not park in the proper place or won't shut off. The wiper motor must be replaced to repair this issue.

On Certain models a faulty power window switch can cause the power windows to work or not work intermittently.

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I purchased my vehicle in November of last year and of course it did not have a manual and no one could tell me at the dealership whether or not it had a timing chain or belt. It is an automatic sedan LX. That is all that I know and have been trying in vain for days, spending hours online trying ...

front brake pads replaced 6 months ago. Brakes are perfectly fine. Only when engine heats and brakes pressed, it gives noises on pressing.

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