Cadillac Repair and Maintenance Costs

A guide to repairs, service, and maintenance costs for your Cadillac

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The national average repair and maintenance cost for a Cadillac is between $502 and $614 per year. Repair and maintenance costs vary depending on age, mileage, location and service provider.

Cadillac Repair Estimates
Cadillac Escalade
Radiator Hose Replacement
$215 - $327
Cadillac SRX
Oil Pump Replacement
$728 - $1019
Cadillac XT5
Oil Pump Replacement
$1241 - $1741
Cadillac Fleetwood
Wheel Alignment
$88 - $111
Cadillac Seville
75,000 Mile Service
$115 - $172
Cadillac STS-V
Differential Fluid Replacement - Front
$76 - $128
Cadillac Seville
Automatic Transmission Fluid/Filter Change
$209 - $281
Cadillac DTS
Shock Absorber Replacement - Rear
$460 - $1873
Cadillac Escalade Hybrid
Water Pump Replacement
$537 - $645
Cadillac Fleetwood
Door Window Motor Replacement
$407 - $718

Cadillac Problems

Power Window Regulators may Fail

One or more of the power window regulators (one in each door) may fail causing the window to fall into the door and not roll up.

Improper HVAC Temperature and/or Air Delivery Due to Failed Mode Door Actuator

One or more heater & AC (HVAC) air delivery and/or temperature mode door actuator may fail. This can result in incorrect air delivery or temperature. If this occurs, fault code(s) stored in the HVAC control module should be available to assist with diagnoses.

Oil Leaks From Lower Engine Area

The engine may develop oil leaks from the lower crankcase portion of the engine block. Our technicians tell us that the engine must be removed from the vehicle to properly repair this oil leak.

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Cadillac Questions

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Need to know if the gauge is for my oil or engine temperture

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The truck is making a hissing sound or squealing other the hood. Especially when it is cold.

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What is an estimate of cost?

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Cadillac Recalls

Brake Fluid Leaks And Reduces Braking Performance

The front brake caliper piston seals may leak brake fluid, causing braking performance to be reduced. Dealers will inspect the front brake calipers and replace them as necessary free of charge to resolve the concern.

Passenger Front Seat Belt Webbing Detaches From Seat Anchor

The passenger front seat belt webbing may not be securely anchored to the seat anchor plate. Dealers will replace the existing front passenger seat belt anchor bolt or install a bolt if it is missing free of charge to resolve the concern.

Software Defect May Prevent Airbags From Deploying

If the airbag system is in a diagnostic test mode during a crash, the deployment of the frontal airbags and seat belt pretensioners will not occur. Dealers will reflash the system software. In the event the vehicle has had a previous airbag deployment, the airbag sensing and diagnostic module (SDM) will be replaced free of charge. 

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Cadillac Reviews

so for is good.
Leased 2016 Cadillac SRX on April 9 th 2016. On April 11 th, 2016, with 517 miles, there was a major mechanical transmission failure. Third , fifth and reverse went out. The dealership in California rebuilt the transmission, but it failed a second time. Imagine making your first car payment while your car is in the shop getting repaired! Or paying for registration while you are driving a loane...
I put a Cadillac converter on here but the car is acting like it don't want to moveI put a water pumpthermostat radiatorsome more stuff just cant think right now

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