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Cars aren't always serious business-have some fun on the lighter side

I had heard of this infamous film by Claude Lelouch, which is the driver's-eye view of an unsanctioned and completely unscripted high-speed romp through the streets of Paris in a Ferrari 275 GTB, but I had never had a chance to watch--and more importantly, to listen--to it. Thanks to Grant for sending along!

Here is a very fun look back to a promotional film for a Ford Dealership in Oakland California, circa 1932. For those of us that live in the East Bay it includes some great shots of the area. They mention the newly renovated Fox Theater and show a shot of a Ford driving up Fish Ranch Road. I especially like walk though of the service department, showing what it was like before hydraulic lifts. Enjoy!

Have you ever taken your car in to be serviced only to find yourself walking out with a lighter wallet, wondering if you really needed that rear alignment, coolant flush, and a new power steering pump? While ignoring your mechanic’s advice to replace your paper-thin brake pads probably isn’t wise, there are a few areas where you can save money and gain confidence. Read Your Car’s Manual

It's a big job to pick up decoys and that's why you call in the big guns, AKA "The Max Amphibious Six Wheel Drive". When you're talking 500 to 600 duck decoys, it takes all day to pick them up but that doesn't even include towing a jon boat behind this amphibious vehicle. So far I haven't found any terrain that can stop this thing. Unfortunately this is one vehicle we don't plan to list on RepairPal anytime soon.

Have you seen Obama's new ride?  In an earlier post, we took a guess at what his new limo would look like.  Well, now it finally has appeared in yesterday's Inauguration and it's a Cadillac with some new styling.   Naturally, the vehicle is heavily armored and the windows are nearly 6" thick!  Apparently the Secret Service refers to this car as "The Beast."  The NYTimes notes a few changes from the Bush limo: the side mirrors look like they're from the Escalade, the wheels are now black (vs. white) wall, and unfortunately, the wheels were abandoned for the chintzy 'chrome plated' wheel covers. 

One of the hot topics about next week's Inauguration celebration in Washington D.C. is the incredible number of visitors - the city is clearly going to be packed.  What's interesting is that chauffeur services are also overwhelmed with requests for black Lincoln Town Cars.  Apparently this is the "IT" car for society's who's who of Washington D.C.  While I wouldn't be caught dead driving this beast of a car, it's remarkably inexpensive to maintain.  When I looked up an oil change on the RepairPrice estimator, it's just $22-$40 in the Washington D.C. area.  That's about a third of the price for the same service on my Audi. 

What happens when you cross a 1972 Datsun with an electric motor and 60 lithium batteries? The quickest accelerating street legal electric car! Besides the stickers that cover the car, you'd never think that this car had 300hp and can smoke Corvettes at the dragstrip. The White Zombie is now running at world record pace with 11.5 second quarter mile. Check out the video below!

The folks over at CAR Online delivered a great article today showing a variety of creative concepts to upgrade Santa's ride. Bentley, Ford, Nissan and Rolls-Royce provided design ideas to the article.  The slick Bentley is my personal favorite. 

Irv, one of our expert technicians, recently sent this along to us. Apparently, this driver ran over a mattress with his truck and decided to keep on driving.  You can see the results.  Our techs see some pretty crazy things in the shop, but it's not common to see a mattress wrapped around a driveshaft!!

With turkey day just around the corner, I was feeling nostalgic and wanted to find out if the Chrysler Plymouth had any association with Plimoth Plantation in Plymouth, Mass. Chrysler introduced the Plymouth in 1928 (it was retired in 2001) as a low-priced vehicle.  Back then, the logo on the car was of the Mayflower Ship.  Chrysler said the Plymouth name was a great symbol to represent the “endurance and strength” of the vehicle, similar to that of the first American Colonists, the Pilgrims.