Bored? Put a Corvette Engine In a Miata

Andy Y
June 22, 2009

My jaw hit the floor when I saw a FD (1994) Mazda RX7 with the Z06 LS7, so I cannot imagine what a featherweight Miata with that kind of horsepower is like!

The short wheelbase and sharp handling characteristics of the Miata would make this a fantastic track weapon with the reliability of factory stock parts.  Because these are factory engines, you could theoretically pass all of the California emissions requirements and run as clean, or cleane,r than the original engine.

Another added bonus is the fact that these LS based engines regularly see 30 mpg on the freeway when combined with the 6-speed manual in a heavier Camaro and Corvette.  I imagine you would easily see great fuel economy for your commute if you can resist the urge to plant your happy foot squarely into the floor boards.  Is it really practical? Probably not, but one could make an argument in favor of it!

Put a Corvette Motor in your Miata.

Andy Y

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