I’ll Take the Tom Selleck: Hair for Your Car

Natalie Josef
September 24, 2010

Before I worked for RepairPal, I used to be the managing editor for an online women’s magazine. One of the writers I worked with was simply hilarious, all of the time, in person and in her writing. Shyla covered everything from wacky celebrity names to the mid-90s obsession with mini backpacks. She was one of my favorite writers to edit, not just because she knew how to use a semicolon, but because I always knew I was in for a good laugh.

One day, I pulled up her latest article to read—it was on bizarre baby products. Now, there were lots of bizarre products, but one that really stood out were toupees—yes, toupees for babies. The people at Baby Toupee purport to “show that while parenting can be a great responsibility, it can also be a source of endless amusement.” One can purchase the Donald Trump, the Lil Kim, the Bob Marley, or the Samuel L. Jackson. Endless amusement indeed. I don’t think I stopped laughing about those baby toupees for days.

Well, now I have finally found their comical equal, and this time, the hair is for your car.


Yes, my friends, you can now adorn your car with sexy, beautiful eyelashes. Created by Turbo Style, a company that aims to be “THE leading supplier of female automotive aftermarket products,” Carlashes will personalize your vehicle with a feminine touch. Affixed to the car with 3M double sided automotive trim tape, Carlashes even stand up to highway speeds and car washes. Designed simply to make you smile, Carlashes dress up your head lights with a touch of fashion and a twinkle of crystal!


But wait, car adornment is not just for the ladies.


For the gents, I am pleased to introduce the Carstache. The company promises up front that their Carstaches will indeed change your life for the better. Apparently, when you “drive into a tailgate with a Carstache, you get free beer, hot dogs, and high fives.” Sold at high-end retailers like Spencer’s and Hot Topic, Carstache LLC is “the undisputed global leader in automotive facial hair, delivering the industry’s most luxurious in car mustaches.” Ethan Eyler, the creator of the Carstache, says there is more in store—the Carmullet, the Carfro, and yes, ladies and gentlemen, the Carpee—a toupee for cars.

I, personally, am all for these automotive locks—why not add some silly fun to our everyday lives? Think how much more pleasurable traffic jams will be. And who is going to cut off a car with eyelashes? What cop is going to give a ticket to someone driving a car with a handlebar mustache? Need an opening line for a hot girl or guy? Just pull up at their house and they’ll be yours forever.

At only $40 for the Carstache and $25 for the Carlashes, you can literally ride out the recession in style.

Happy Friday!



Natalie Josef

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Natalie Josef is an automotive expert at RepairPal, the leading online source of auto repair resources and estimates. With many ASE Master certified mechanics on staff who have decades of experience, RepairPal knows all the fine points of car repair.

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