Ferrari World: An Amusement Park for Adults ... and Kids

Natalie Josef
October 29, 2010

Are you a sports car lover? Are you already starting to dream about next year’s vacation? Well, in addition to a beautiful blend of modernity and antiquity, dazzling skyscrapers, and sparkling waters, Abu Dhabi, considered by many to be the richest city in the world, has now opened the doors of an extravagant theme park honoring the Italian carmaker, Ferrari.

Ferrari World, located on Yas Island, is now the world’s largest theme park, spanning forty acres. The enclosed area of the park is large enough to fit seven football fields head-to-toe and is covered by an impressive red roof inspired by the classic double curve side profile of the Ferrari GT body. The roof also features the largest Ferarri logo ever created. The park offers more than twenty rides and attractions, including:

Formula Rossa – Now the world’s fastest roller coaster, it can reach speeds of 150 miles per hour.

G-Force – Riders will be shot through a tower over 200 feet into the air before plummeting back to the ground. The ride simulates actual G-force and riders sit in seats that are directly inspired by the Ferarri Enzo.

Galleria Ferrari – Visitors can view the largest Ferrari gallery outside of Maranello, which includes contemporary and classic Ferarris from all over the world.

The Pit Wall
– In a live, interactive theatre experience, you get to call the shots as the Scuderia Ferarri team prepares for an upcoming race.

Junior GT – Essentially a driving school for kids, youngsters are able to drive reduced scale F430 GT Spiders on a specially designed course.

Scuderia Challenge – Sitting in cutting edge racing simulators, visitors can experience Scuderia Ferarri training similar to the pros.

Driving with Champions – An interactive 3-D show which follows the life of a Ferrari engineer.

V12 – A flume ride through the heart of a Ferrari 599 engine.

Viaggio in Italia – A virtual aerial tour over Italy shows all of the main cities and their monuments, mountains, and coasts.

In addition to these thrilling rides, the park also features unique shopping experiences, casual and extravagant Italian-inspired dining options, and even more attractions for kids, including a carousel that features future Ferrari prototypes.

For car lovers, it just doesn’t get any better than this.


Natalie Josef

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By , November 12, 2011
I was at Ferrari world. It is gr8
By , September 16, 2014
Is this real??