How to Safely Tie Down a Christmas Tree

November 28, 2018

So, you've tracked down the perfect tree lot and hand-picked the best one you and your family. It's probably the best one yet in recent years, right? Giddy with excitement, you are ready to take it straight home and put it on display. Not so fast though; you need to make sure that it's properly secured to your vehicle.

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Trees that aren't tied down right can become a safety hazard for the other drivers on the road or cause damage to your own car.

Now that you've chosen an appropriately sized tree for both your home and your transportation method, what is the best way to haul your treasured tree away?

Here are four steps to ensure that your tree will make it home safely.

1. Use netting to keep your tree bundled

If the tree lot you purchased from does not carry netting, make sure the branches are bound together as much as possible to keep loose ones from flying off. We recommend bringing netting and strong rope or ratchet straps with you to the lot, just in case.

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2. Orientation is key

Point the trunk toward the front of your vehicle to ensure proper balance while you cruise down the road.

3. Tie it the right way

Secure the tree at the top, middle and bottom with a good-quality ratchet strap or rope. If possible, avoid using twine to secure your tree. Twine can break if it comes into contact with a sharp surface, and can loosen more easily. Give the rope or strap a good tug to verify that the tree will stay put.

4. Drive carefully and slowly

Take surface streets home instead of the freeway. Highway speeds can loosen your hard work and cause your tree to work free. If you must use a highway or freeway, be sure to drive carefully in the right-most lane.

Enjoy the holiday season and your new tree!

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