In Search of the Perfect Gift for Dad This Father's Day?

June 7, 2018

Attention all kiddos and families alike! Father's Day is right around the corner and let's face it: buying the perfect present for dad can be hard. 

I end up having to set aside some serious time browsing Google and Amazon, racking my brain for what on earth my dad would actually like ... tools? Maybe something tech-related? A new T-shirt? 

I'm stating the obvious, but my dad and your dad deserve the best. Check out our favorite gift ideas for Father's Day below and let us know in the comments what you're getting dad this year!

1. A strong magnetic car mount

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I think I gravitate toward this as a favorite because we've all had to live through the years of the giant car mount cases and snapping plastic. This mount includes a couple of thin, strong magnets that can go in between your case and your phone. By just placing your phone near the mount, the magnet quickly grabs hold of your phone and keeps it in place during the journey. I have one in my Honda Civic and, man, is it great! Buy it here.

2. A compact jump starter

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Unfortunately, everyone's battery can die for one reason or another, and unless your car-loving dad is also carrying quite the electrical current, he might need to keep some power in the trunk. This device is not only a great way to jump start your car, but also comes equipped with USB ports to draw power from. Pick one up here.

3. A very manly pool float

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Pool floats are all the rage this summer and dad shouldn't miss out just because he doesn't want to float around on a pink, sparkly unicorn. This tire pool float does the trick! Grab it here.

4. Cufflinks that have a need for speed

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We're not playing tricks on your eyes — speedometer cufflinks exist and they're actually pretty awesome looking. Does dad need to look his best for work every day, but secretly would prefer to be racing in the Indy 500? Here's his solution. Get them here.

5. Spice up your interior with a fresh look

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Interiors can take a beating, whether it comes from daily use or just sunshine doing the damage. Although it would probably require some serious Exacto knife work, it might be a fun project on a Sunday for dad! Check out the great reviews and purchase here.

6. A portable air compressor

air compressor
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So, I can speak from experience that this little gadget is pretty awesome. It will not only inflate your vehicle tires, but also your bike and anything else, simply and quickly. I have one that plugs into my car's power port and it's extremely useful to have. Get one here.

7. A USB car diffuser that fits in the cup holder

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Have a super chill dad that might enjoy breathing in some lovely scents during his drive? This device is for you! I love my oil diffuser. All it requires is water and essential oils to work. You simply fill with water to the specified line on the device, add some essential oils and enjoy. Check it out here.

8. A mini auto vacuum

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Is dad obsessed with keeping his car clean? Or maybe he wants to start keeping it clean, but doesn't have the tools to do so. Look no further than this quality auto vacuum. Honestly, this doesn't just have to be for the car either — it'll work for the home too. Take a look here.

9. A rear backup camera

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Is dad constantly backing into things? Here's the solution! Well, we're half-kidding, but backup cameras are a great tool for safety reasons. This one has good reviews and seems like a pretty simple install, although you might want to get some extenders for the wire. Check it out here.

10. A Bluetooth transmitter that actually works

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This little Bluetooth transmitter plugs into your car's power port and connects to your phone via Bluetooth to stream your music right through your speakers. Although many cars now have auxiliary or USB hookups, this is a great device if dad's ride doesn't come equipped with one. Check it out here.

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By , July 12, 2017
Got my dad a magnetic car mount for his birthday, he loved it :)