13 Best Gifts for Car Guys and Gals

November 6, 2017

Give the gift of car love this year. If there's one thing the team at RepairPal enjoys the most, it's taking the mystery out of your car. Sometimes that can get a little technical with repairs and maintenance, but other times, it's small additions that can make driving 10x better.

We compiled some of our favorite things on the web – many costing under $10! Take a look and let us know what you plan to purchase for the savvy car owner in your life. Have something we forgot about that you love? Tell us in the comments below!

1. A life-saving whistle that attaches to the front of your car and basically tells animals not to run out in front of you.

deer whistle
Images courtesy of Pixabay & Amazon

Filing this one under things I didn't know existed, but am so happy I found – it's a literal life-saver! According to reviews, your car needs to reach 35 mph for the whistle to be activated and it actually works! Many people have noticed that not only deer, but other animals like cats, dogs, and squirrels, will be aware and stay out of the way of your car. 

Purchase this on Amazon for just under eight bucks (pun intended...)

2. A handy, non-toxic odor eliminator that seriously does the job.

odor eliminatorImages courtesy of Amazon.

With a review section filled with happy customers who accidentally left various, perishable groceries in their backseats (think spoiled milk, etc.), you know this thing works. Instead of rehashing, I'll let this review speak for itself:

"This product is a MIRACLE! Mistakenly left a package of chicken breasts from the supermarket in my brand new Audi. Subsequently went on vacation for ten days. The chicken was left rotting in the car in the garage for twelve days! I can't begin to describe how wretched the smell was on our return. Like something died in there – which makes sense – since it was dead rotting flesh. Used two bags of Moso (one small, one large). This activated charcoal really works. After one week, the smell was significantly dissipated, Now at the end of two weeks, it is virtually gone. Wow! Thank you, Moso for saving my car from dead chicken hell!"

Convinced yet? Pick up a couple bags for a stinky situation on Amazon.

3. A connected car device that will help prevent theft (and bad driving habits!)

carlock carlock
Image courtesy of Carlock

Living in the city, I'm never sure if I'm going to walk outside to an empty parking spot. I have the steering wheel lock and the car alarm stickers, but there's never enough protection between me and my ride.

That's where Carlock comes in. Simply plug in the adapter, sync up to the app, and keep track of your car. CarLock was nice enough to send us one to test out and we have to say, we're pretty impressed! Aside from monitoring your car's whereabouts, engine starting, and unexplained vibrations, you can also keep tabs on the new driver in your family! It will send notifications for things like a harsh braking or accelerations and you'll even get a little driver report card at the end of the week. 

The connected car device can be purchased on Amazon here, but the monitoring abilities will set you back about $9.60 a month – definitely worth it if you're like me and terrified someone will run off with your set of wheels at any second!

4. The ultimate fingernail saving (and just plain sleek) key ring.

key ring
Image found on Massdrop

As both a San Franciscan and a frequent flyer, I have a mass amount of weaponry loaded onto my key ring at all times that I'm usually struggling to remove while simultaneously running out the door to catch a flight. If you're like me and have multiple groupings of keys (or pepper spray) on your person and need to simplify your life a little bit, this is the product for you.

Do you hear that faint sound? It's the sound of you fingernails thanking you. Learn more about this handy gadget here.

5. A digital tire pressure gauge and emergency tool.

tire pressure gauge 1
Image courtesy of Amazon

Manual tire pressure gauges have a bit of an unreliable rep, so grabbing this stocking stuffer on Amazon is a great way to always know if you’re running low on air. Keep it within arm's reach, since it also features important safety tools, such as a window breaker and a seat belt cutter. Get it here.

Did you know you should be regularly checking your tire pressure? Low tire pressure can result in poor mileage, but overfilling can run the risk of a blowout! Learn more about tire pressure today.

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6. This jump starter that will get you out of any situation, quickly and safely.

Image courtesy of Amazon

This device will not only give your car a much-needed jump, but is also capable of charging your devices and being a large, portable power bank. Being the extremely smart and saavy car owner I am, I keep one of these charged in my trunk at all times and my friends in San Francisco will tell you they're very thankful!

Check it out on Amazon here.

7. An emergency roadside kit that you hope you’ll never need.


Image courtesy of Amazon

Let’s face it: we like to pretend that we’re invincible, but we’re not. Keeping something this compact in your trunk with literally everything you will ever need in the event of an emergency could not only give you peace-of-mind, but actually save your life. Talk about the ultimate gift. Grab one here.

8. Some windshield wipers that seriously get the job done.

windshield wipers

Image courtesy of Amazon

I’m awful about taking the time to go out and buy new windshield wipers in the winter and if I were to find these under the tree, I’d be pretty happy. Bonus points: AutoTex Wiper Blades come in pink, benefiting the fight for a cure for Breast Cancer.

Talk about a great stocking stuffer! Pick some up here.

Bonus points: Need help with the install? Good thing we made this video!

9. Turn your car into a Bluetooth hub with this gadget.

Image courtesy of Amazon

So this one has been tried and tested by yours truly, and man does it work! One technological advance that doesn't get enough credit are these radio connectors. Remember when they first came out and your music was mostly static, but you powered through because you didn't have an aux cord? The times have changed for the better, people!

By plugging into your cigarette lighter port, you can make your vehicle Bluetooth capable, playing your favorite music, hands-free. On top of that, it has great reviews! Check it out here.

10. Handy dandy blind spot mirrors that stick onto your existing mirrors.

Screen Shot 2016-12-02 at 12.17.56 PM
Image courtesy of Amazon

I want to purchase these guys and start handing them out to people who have a bone to pick with blind spots and the side of my car. Regardless of your blind spot checking habits, this is a useful, tiny tool to have.

Not only an extremely good idea, but a great stocking stuffer that could prevent a future accident. Take a look at them here.

11. A top-rated magnetic phone mount for your dash.

magnet phone

Image courtesy of Amazon

My sister purchased these little magnets for our entire family and I have to say – I'm pleasantly surprised at my love for it. I don't know about you, but phone mounts have taken on the same feel as phone holders on your hip: 0% cool. This one is a simple magnet and takes nothing away from the aesthetic of the phone or its case. It's also not bulky and won't cause a minor accident trying to get it hooked or unhooked. Get it here.

Not into magnets? This holster also comes highly recommended from Yun-Hui, a member of the RepairPal team!

12. A seat gap filler that will save you from causing a pile up trying to get to your cell phone.

Screen Shot 2016-12-02 at 12.34.46 PM
Image courtesy of Amazon

This is definitely one of those things where you hope the person who designed this is really livin’ large. I can't even count the number of McDonald's fries that will never see the light of day again. Or, the number of times I've dropped my phone while using the map and had to physically pull my car over and try to retrieve it. Don't tell me your heart's never stopped thinking that this is the end – you'll never see your phone again. Thankfully, that's over with this handy gizmo!

This is a seriously great idea that will save you so much time and stress. Pick one up here.

13.  Awesome state decals to show everyone where you're from.

Screen Shot 2016-12-02 at 12.19.53 PM
Image courtesy of Etsy and We Are California Grown

Are you proud of your home state? Want to scream it from the highest mountain, but don't have time or gas? Then represent it in the best way possible with a sticker on your car. Not only will everyone know where you're from (conversation starter in the grocery store parking lot?), but you can also just feel cool because you have a hip, cool sticker on your car and not one of these ones.

You can find state decals on Etsy. Pictured: Washington state decal and “We Are California Grown” decal.

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