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Acura CL (25 Reviews)
I bought my 1997 Acura CL in 2000 with less than 30,000 miles. I love this car. I had to have the air conditioner compressor replaced last year and the clutch replaced this year (with over 265,000 miles on the original clutch). Other than that, it's been routine wear and tear stuff - brakes, tires ,etc.

My biggest problem is with the exhaust system. I've had to have 4 new exhausts in 6 or 7 years - not sure why.

Love, love, love this car - I hope it goes for another 250,000 miles!
411K and still rolling strong.Rear main seal leaks but 1 quart a week maybe if I drive it alot. Had mormal maintenance done changed the oil every 7k used Full synthetic after 100k and still use it. Never changed the transmission fluid or any service. There are several recalls that I will take advatage of and didnt even know about until I came to this site today. Some are money saver like Ball Joints etc. I read the last guys response and have to say he got a lemon because this car has another 200k left
I bought a used 1998 accura cl. I hate this damn thing in a way that I cannot even put into words. The previous owner had to replace the engine at 70000 miles, said that he couldn't afford to own this car. At the time I I couldn't believe him but After a few months of owning it I needed a new clutch and transmission. Plastic radiator replaced twice. It seems that I have to recharge the ac every year. And now it's the alternator. I wish I would have never bought this piece of junk. I will steer everyone I know as far away from acura as I can. This damn thing is cursed. My only real hope left is that it suddenly just catch fire tonight while sitting in my driveway so that I can just cut my losses.
Bought used 1997 Acura CL in 2002. In 2013 she's still rolling strong with 271,000+ miles. Replaced transmission once, starter, some suspension items, usual expected wear-and-tear issues, and interior is worn from time and use. All things considered, this car has been a blessing from God for me and was well worth what I paid for it. Plus I've driven it for 6 additional years after I paid it off. No car payment is a great and wonderful thing. :)
I have a 1999 cl Acura which I bought brand new that has a problem in the steering column seemingly when it comes to starting the car. There are times when it starts right up and others when the steering wheel has to be tilted up or down in order for the car to start. The Acura dealership sent a recall order a couple of years ago concerning the ignition switch being faulty and causing the car to fall dead when coming to a stop, which was something that was happening to my car. I love this car and will not get rid of it for anything. We bought a 2009 Maxima in June of 2008 and the Nissan dealership thought we were wanting to trade the Acura. Ha! Not a chance! If anyone knows whats going on please post. Thanks
I have had my 1999 cl for 9 years. excellent car. had tune up recently and my fuel milage dropped. mechanic says car is great..he replaced pc valve, ozegenator,gold spark plugs, oil,air filter. been with this mechanic 15 years he can't figure it out????
This was my first new car. I saved and paid cash for it. Loved the car until I had the transmission replaced 4 times by the time it hit 67,000 miles. I have taken excellent care of this car, never missed a maintenance appointment, kept it under the car cover or garage, and have all of the paperwork since I purchased it. I bought two extended warranties to the tune of $4100, the first one prior to the manufacturer's warranty expiration. The dealership did not mention or offer the Acura extended warranty - and I didn't know enough to ask for it. Well, after years of fighting with them, the dealership gave me an occasional free oil change (which I get anyway with the maintenance booklet) and corporate did NOTHING for me. I am in the market for a new car. As much as I like the Acura style and features, I will never buy another Honda/Acura or from this dealership chain that has several makes of cars.
We have had this car 4 years. Its been reliable until now. The trans shifts hard unless you baby the trottle on take off. .The check engine lite keeps coming on with an egr code. and i just replaced the plastic radiator what junk.
I have the 1999 cl 3.0 6 cyl. automatic trans. with 162,000 miles as of summer 2011. The only problems I have had as have many of owners of the same make has been alternator, motor mounts, (expensive) Driver's door window motor, and the egr/ emissions/ engine light problem that required a $450 special cleaning and enlarging of an exhaust port Blah blah blah..... I love this car and will try to keep it on the road but this last year has been expensive in maint. No trany problems like lots of people claim. Guess I am lucky there!
Bought this Acura when it was 8 years old with only 80k miles. Previous owner did the whole "fix whatever it needs" thing with the local mechanic, meaning nothing specific ever got done except for oil changes and occassional fluid flushes. Engine ran like a top, but the transmission felt like it was made by Fisher-Price. It already was fishing for gears and shifted really hard going from 2nd to 3rd. It also shifted hard just putting it into drive or reverse from the park setting.

The enging was a 3 liter V6, 205 hp torque machine. It had lots of power to spare. This is probably what killed the transmission

The interior was full leather and wood grain. It was in amazing shape when I got it. Heated seats, lumbar support, climate control, keyless entry...all amazing.

Just got married and "inherited" a 2003 Accord DX. Auto trans is starting to fish for gears too and shifts really hard when on an incline.

I've owned 6 hondas and acuras: '83 Accord (AT), '94 Accord LX (5spd), '93 Civic Si (I miss this one...5spd), '95 Accord LX Wagon (5spd), '99 Acura CL 3.0 (AT), and 2003 Accord DX (AT). All the AT's have had the same issues...not a single one with the manuals. My in-laws' two '08 civics are also having the same tranny issues.

In all of my hondas (except for the '03), I've had to dump them because so many things go breaking on them. Blown head gaskets, distributors, alternators, master cylinders...stuff that makes a big difference.

If you're going to get a honda, stick with a manual tranny. All of mine lasted upwards to 200k miles. The AT's haven't made it 100k without something that makes me worried.

I bought my first toyota...a '95 Camry with 130k on it, AT, off my wife's family. Runs like a freakin' top and no problems at all, I've had it for a year. The only things I've needed was an A/C recharge and new tires and brakes. It's getting a full tune-up as I type this and should be running for another 150k now that it's under my care. My bro's '98 corolla is at 215k and no issues at all like I had with my hondas. Buy Toyota!
Bought my 3.0CL new in 1999 and it still looks new, with 73000 miles. Had regular maintenance done, including timing belt, alternator and brakes at 60,000. At last oil change (71,000) was told motor mounts needed replacement. I was skeptical, since I had never had mounts replaced on any car, and neither had my brother, a real gearhead, but he said it was possible for a FWD 6-cylinder because of the torque. I had the work done but was stung by the cost--$740--$455 for parts, $285 for labor. I bit the bullet but wasn't happy, especially after reading some online comments-- but this was at the local Honda dealer. Anyway, still love the car and don't think I'll sell it anytime soon.
The best two door I've ever owned. I have the 6 speed so no transmission issues here like some have had. Quiet, smooth as silk and has never left me stranded.
3.0 Car is great... rides good.. put a cold air intake on it n sounds even better. Would highly recommend.. better gas mileage too..
Mine's got just a little over a 100K miles on it. Have had a nagging electrical issue that I hope is finally resolved. Other than that, the engine is strong, the automatic transmission has been rebuilt due to the wonderful recall and the overall build quality is pretty good. My car is lowered so the handling is tremendous and still gets great mpg out on the freeway.
I have the 2.3 liter 4 cylinder CL and it has held up really well. I debated getting an Accord but I decided to treat myself to the CL and have not regretted it. The brakes are strong and the engine gets almost 28 mpg on the highway. Not bad for a luxury coupe. The leather seats have cracked a bit but that is fairly normal for a 10 year old car. It hasn't really needed any repairs that were unexpected except the motor mounts that have gone out twice. Make sure to get the timing belt changed (and the water pump too) as it says in the owners' manual so you don't have to have a valve job. That happened to my cousin.
trans is slipping starts to drive once it warms up hestitates and then slips. just bought it too off of Craigs list got to drive it not even a day =(. Can I have the recall cover it? If not where can I get a new transmission. Everything else other than the gages on the dash is perfect. It is a nice car just wish to get it fixed. Insurance is exspensive. Motor is very very strong

good riding car when running,major transmission problems along with srs (air bag lights) coming on for no reason
1997 Acura CL 3.0

Love this car even though it now has 147,000 miles on it. It still looks great (black always does as far as I'm concerned)
i have a 1998 2.3 cl that i bought new. can any one tell me where i might get a manual on it. some one broke into the car and stole every thing. if you know let me know by email adress "" thank you
I bought my 3.0CL with 25K from a dealer in 1997. I always had the routine maintenance done, and she still flys smoothly down the road. I qualified for a rebuilt transmission in 2004 under warranty, so it's working much better. I decided I wanted it quieter inside, so I bought 4 tires that were softer. The ABS is out as of late 2009, and I need a new switch to move my passenger seat back (forth works) on the tract. She's got 88K miles and would love to doll her up a bit with a new side mirror and front bumber that my sister broke while backing into me full speed, but that's about it. 3/9/10
I love my 2003 Cl. But it have down falls. The headlight are alot when they go out. I have paid $800 for new headlight all ready.
I've had my 3.0 CL Prem. for 11 years now and I still love it. 81000 + and still running well. I recommend using Mobil 1 synthetic oil. You will get great cold starts, miles per gallon and less ware on engine.
I love this car....mostly. I have the 1999 2.3 automatic. I had the trans go out at 88K. I found out that the previous owner already had the trans rebuilt. This is that famous Honda self-destructing auto trans. The Trans shop I took it to said that this trans had a poorly designed torque converter. They had an aftermarket converter that tookcare of the problem. So, $2800.00 later it is running SWEET!!! Now, I love my car.
I've always liked this car.