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Owners' Reviews

2005 Subaru Forester Reviews and Owner Comments

2005 Subaru Forester
Overall Score (1 review)
  • Body, Interior & Misc.
  • Engine
  • Brakes
  • Exhaust & Emissions
  • Drive Train
  • Heating & Air Conditioning
  • Electrical & Lights
  • Suspension & Steering
2005 Subaru Forester Owner Reviews (1 review)
  • 2005 Subaru Forester
    Visitor, North Las Vegas, NV, July 18, 2014 18:40
    Stiff Ride, watch out for pot holes it's very stiff suspension. Great on flat road and handles well on smooth roads. Slightly under-powered, though the only option is to get thier Turbo which comes with it's own problems. Paint is very, very thinly applied and chips and peals very easily. POOR PAINT JOB. Have done all the services on it at specified times and even the 3-4,000 mile oil changes. The car only has 54,000 miles and Subaru just told us at an oil change appointment that it needs an engine head gasket, steering rack replacement(no problem with steering but leaks) so recommends replacement not repair, and thermostat replacement. That's A LOT for a well cared for SUV. ALSO, since the car is always in 4-wheel drive...if you need to replace one tire you need to replace all four to keep even rotational travel on all axles. It, at this point, will cost more than the car is worth! Subaru may be a safe car but it is cheaply made. Seats rip, plastic controls...black paint wares off, etc. Handles well but not worth it! Other cars handle well too but don't have as many problems so soon at low mileage! Stay away from SUBARUS!
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