1992 Lexus SC400 Reviews

1992 Lexus SC400 Reviews and Owner Comments

1992 Lexus SC400 (4 Reviews)
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I love my sc400 I have 215k+ miles on it and it still runs and drives like a brand new car
I was recently in an auto crash that totaled my 2003 PT Woody at no fault of my own. I began shopping for a new car while I waited on insurance claim. I took a little over a month to find a newer car 2005.06 or better with low miles It didnt happen. My 1992 Lexus SC400, Gold was the last car I drove, with 60,000 miles on her it was great, after driving all the other cars this one stands alone. Go's when you need it,drives smooth and handles great, and so quiet you cant hear her running and with it being a V-8 she gets around 28ml a gal not to bad.Everything works sunroof, and stero it fantastic. Oh and my Dad loves it too so thats a plus.
So I was in the market for a 'beater' 2nd car last week Got on Craigslist and was literally sitting there when this 1992 superb granny-driven SC400 comes on at $2500 so I snapped it up... It will horrify you all to know I had never driven a Lexus in my 50 years and while I may be deemed a lowly late-blooming L-word lover , I have seen the light, and it is the most thrilling $2500 clams I have ever spent. What a beautiful car, I have had it only 2 weeks and am thrilled to drive it, I cant imagine Mrs. O'Hara's first test drive 19 years and $60k ago.. And I cant fathom how low-priced certain luxury autos can get in their faded glory, it makes no sense...it's worth so much more... I have had to buy hood and trunk hydraulic lifts, seat memory ECM and a used key on EBay for $50 (not $500) few minor things but this car is just broken in at 220k Km. Now for some 18 or 19" sexy wheels and some wax! Loooove it. Owen in BC (Site wont take postal codes so I put in Seattle)
My 1992 has 140,000 miles and still runs and looks great...

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