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Resources for the Repair and Maintenance of your 1993 Lexus SC400

1993 Lexus SC400

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1993 Lexus SC400 Problems

Electrical & Lights -- Verified

There are reports of LED problems in the dashboard gauges. The lights burn out, making the gauges difficult to see at night, and require replacement.

Heating & Air Conditioning -- Verified

There are reports of intermittent failures with the heating and air conditioning control. The digital display might fail or the control might fail to switch between heater functions.

1993 Lexus SC400 Questions and Answers

tonydons, 1993 Lexus SC400, Good Hope, GA

hi my name is tony i have a problem with the active suspension
the nose of the car is sitting right down, and the rear is right up,i
had a mechanic check it out last month he didnt seem to know muc...

SanDiegan, 1993 Lexus SC400, Chula Vista, CA

Car won't engage in drive (at all)...reverse okay. What could be the problem.

uraloser_111, 1993 Lexus SC400, Paw Paw, MI

I wouldn't think that a bad head gasket would cause all of these problems but you never know. Has anyone else had this problem? If so, any help is appreciated.

Griertown, 1993 Lexus SC400, 4.0L V8, Fort Mill, SC

light above the cooling gage on the left side on dash board comes on when I start the car. It has the shape of a bird cage. Please tell me what this means?
Thank you, Carolyn

Visitor, 1993 Lexus SC400, 4.0L V8, Sacramento, CA

my car messed up out of no where, when i took it to the shop they say my car has a misfire. the machine that they are using to tell where the misfire is coming from has not told them anything, my c...

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1993 Lexus SC400 Reviews

hey i have a 1993 lexus sc 400 and need to replace the right door would a 1992 lexus door fit?? someboby please help me.

bought an sc400 right after graduating high school, this is my first car and I love it, im keeping this car 4 a while

I'm on my 2nd SC and have also had a '98 GS400. Fabulous cars - my '92 SC400 with 247K miles didn't run much different than when I got it with 106K. My '98 GS400 probably saved my life in a crash and now I have a '93 SC400. Love 'em!!

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