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Owners' Reviews

2007 Kia Rio Reviews and Owner Comments

2007 Kia Rio
5 Reviews
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Overall Score (5 reviews)
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  • Suspension & Steering
2007 Kia Rio Owner Reviews (5 reviews)
  • 2007 Kia Rio
    Visitor, Buckeye, AZ, April 19, 2014 16:19
    I had a 2007 kia rio 5 spd manual. It was my first car I ever bought. I bought it at 50k and I ended up crashing it on the freeway at 75k. It was the best car, never had a problem with it. I'd only change a few things about it. I would demand power steering and I would have had the windows tinted. But other than that, awsome little car. I swear by kia. I own a kia sportage now, and again love it. But I want my kia rio again.
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  • 2007 Kia Rio
    Visitor, Henderson, NV, February 18, 2014 09:41
    I hear complaints about the Rio, but I have to tell you ours is an incredible car. We bought it used three years ago. Service it at the dealer. Only problem was the horn shorting out, which they covered under warranty, even though we were a few Hundred miles over. Totally reliable. Great gas mileage. I just got my wife a 13 Lexus 450, she drove it for a while, but lately I catch her driving the 07 Rio - she says she never has to worry about the car, can park it anywhere easily. She just loves that car. So whatever you read about the Rio, we love it - one of the best cars I have ever owned.
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  • 2007 Kia Rio
    Visitor, Fort Wayne, IN, August 23, 2010 19:29
    Best new car I have ever had. 60000+ miles, replaced tires and timing belt. Overall average mpg is 37.5 and I can get 41 on highway trips. All of my gas milage calculations are with 2 adults and three kids plus luggage. (manual trans)
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  • 2007 Kia Rio
    hiersbonds, Naples, FL, March 08, 2010 11:53
    worst car i have ever had do not buy a KIA they are lemons please do not put yourself in the same thing i have been through they need a recall for all kia cars
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  • 2007 Kia Rio
    kingfast, Garland, TX, April 08, 2009 18:20
    Purchased our Kia in Aug of 07. Paid $13,500 cash drive out. Have kept detailed records. Only repair was to replace the factory supplied battery after the first year. Replaced with a Sears Die Hard. Getting 25+ mpg in city. Currently have a bit over 9,000 miles logged after 20 months of use. Vehicle looks and smells like it just came from the show room. Other than the occasional oil / filter change, car wash, and battery issue noted above, no problems what so ever. We love this car. Perfect for us. No kids, over 60 and loving it.
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