2008 Kia Rio Repair and Maintenance

A guide to problems, costs, maintenance and repair for your 2008 Kia Rio

2008 Kia Rio Problems

Ignition Coil

I purchased this vehicle because I was tired of purchasing used vehicles and having to make repairs all of the time. I have had to have the ignition coils replaced 2 times within the last year. This wouldn't be a bug deal if each coil wasn't $100+ to replace! I do not recommend this vehicle at all.

Failure of AC Compressor Clutch

A defective AC compressor clutch assembly can cause excessive noise or vibration when the air conditioning is on. Improved parts are available. Replacing the faulty clutch assembly does not necessitate replacement of the complete AC compressor or evacuation and recharging of the air conditioning system.

Use Only Kia Approved Transmission Fluid

Make sure the transmission is filled with Kia-approved transmission fluid and at the correct level. Our technicians tell using incorrect transmission fluid or operating the transmission when it is low on fluid can result in internal transmission damage.

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2008 Kia Rio Questions

engine light came on and all fluids are ok with the exception of the transmission fluid is a little low what do i do (1 answer)

this is the first time the engine light has come on

The steering wheel on my 2008 kia rio is locked and I can't turn key to start it. (1 answer)

if that is in fact the problem what is best thing to do? I was told i would need to get another ignition with key. Can the old one b reconditioned so I don't have to change the key.

causes ..ignigtion coil was replaced 3 times keeps burning out help (1 answer)

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2008 Kia Rio Recalls

The Front Passenger Airbag May Deploy with a Child in the Seat

The front passenger seat occupant sensor mat can experience fatigue cracking. If sufficient cracking occurs, the occupant classification system (OCS) will not be able to detect whether a child passenger is in the seat and the airbag will deploy during a crash. Deployment of the airbag with a child in the seat increases the risk of injury to the child. Dealers will replace the OCS seat sensor mat to correct this concern. The Kia recall number is SC097.

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2008 Kia Rio Reviews

Oh boy where to start. This is my 3rd kia and it disgust me that the newer vehicles suck. First TPMS gone out on two tires (gonna cost 150.00), had to change sparkplugs which is normal but the coil packs went out on #1 & #2 (100.00 each). Now forsome awful reason in the afternoons I cant get enough power to go and when it does I get white smoke out the back. Check engine light never wants to s...
Bought it from a private seller when it was 2 yrs old, with 28,000 miles on it, for $7000. I immediately put new brakes and tires on it. Took it to the dealership to have them give it a once over, and they found some little plastic tabs to replace, free of charge because the 2nd owner has up to 60,000 miles. Had the right front wheel bearing replaced (free of charge, under warranty) at 50...
Bought my Kia Rio brand new. They had a $1000 rebate plus dealer incentives. Literally emailed every kia dealership within 200 miles, and bought it for less than $12K. Been a great car. Changed the plugs, battery, 2 front tires, and engine and tranny fluids after 59K. Replaced the timing belt big ouch on cost but what are gonna do. If you don't and the belt goes, super big ouch on cost.

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