2011 Kia Rio Repair and Maintenance

A guide to problems, costs, maintenance and repair for your 2011 Kia Rio

Repair Estimates

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2011 Kia Rio
$254 to $491
2011 Kia Rio
$77 to $119
2011 Kia Rio
$129 to $183
2011 Kia Rio
$87 to $170
2011 Kia Rio
$312 to $568

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I purchased this vehicle because I was tired of purchasing used vehicles and having to make repairs all of the time. I have had to have the ignition coils replaced 2 times within the last year. This wouldn't be a bug deal if each coil wasn't $100+ to replace! I do not recommend this vehicle at all.

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Auto Zone and Advanced Auto Parts have checked the battery and the results are: "Good Battery", "Voltage: 12.80" "Measured:460 CCA", "Rated: 500 CCA", "Temperature: 149 F". They also checked the alternator: T#45 12V Charge. The "Volt Reg, Dio...

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