2011 Kia Rio Repair and Maintenance

A guide to problems, costs, maintenance and repair for your 2011 Kia Rio

I purchased this vehicle because I was tired of purchasing used vehicles and having to make repairs all of the time. I have had to have the ignition coils replaced 2 times within the last year. This wouldn't be a bug deal if each coil wasn't $100+ to replace! I do not recommend this vehicle at all.

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Auto Zone and Advanced Auto Parts have checked the battery and the results are: "Good Battery", "Voltage: 12.80" "Measured:460 CCA", "Rated: 500 CCA", "Temperature: 149 F". They also checked the alternator: T#45 12V Charge. The "Volt Reg, Dio...

Mild one second engine shutter at 3,4 and 5th gear shifts. 55K miles. Shutter has happened when standing still while in drive. There are no check engine lights, nor codes when read at inspection. It is as if the engine shuts down for a brief second.

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