2010 Mini Cooper Repair and Maintenance

A guide to problems, costs, maintenance and repair for your 2010 Mini Cooper

2010 Mini Cooper
$485 to $766
2010 Mini Cooper
$383 to $635
2010 Mini Cooper
$380 to $759
2010 Mini Cooper
$131 to $200
2010 Mini Cooper
$1,619 to $2,674

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There are reports of premature clutch wear on cars equipped with manual transmissions.  Clutch replacement on these vehicles can be quite costly.

There are reports of the electric door locks malfunctioning.

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My daughter's car was making an unusual noise and so she brought it to repair shop. It was 3qt low on oil! Repair shop added oil, drove it a bit (surprised it sounded and felt fine but there were some error codes) and recommended brake job and water pump replacement (leaking) along with a t...

80,000+ miles. Ticks faster as I accelerate

do I need to replace the Spark Plugs on my 2010 Mini which is now on 90177K

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The incorrect tire pressure label may have been installed during assembly. Some vehicles were equipped with 17-inch wheels, but the label is for 16-inch wheels; inflation pressure may also be incorrect. Tire durability and vehicle stability can be affected by incorrect tires or tire pressure, increasing the risk of a crash. Dealers will mail customers the correct tire pressure labels, or they will install the correct label if you prefer. This recall is scheduled to begin by Match 4, 2010.

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