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2005 Mini Cooper

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2005 Mini Cooper Problems

Suspension & Steering -- Verified

Minis have an electric power steering pump that is prone to failure. When replacing the pump, our technicians advise inspecting the cooling fan because it is often the cause of the failure of the pump.

Electrical & Lights -- Verified

There are reports of the electric door locks malfunctioning.

Drive Train -- Verified

Failure of the automatic transmission is common. Even though the automatic transmission is advertised as "sealed for life," our technicians recommend the automatic transmission fluid be replaced every 30,000 miles with only the approved Mini/BMW fluid. Our technicians recommend thorough troubleshooting before replacing the transmission because programming procedures can affect how the transmission shifts and there is a special procedure to ref...

2005 Mini Cooper Questions and Answers

4mula1, 2005 Mini Cooper, Littleton, CO

Drivers door cannot be opened from inside. You can only open door from the outside, when the window is rolled down.

Could the door latch cable come off track?

Vickie H, 2005 Mini Cooper, Charleston, SC

Car needs new seal, new valves, new value seat, new thermostate, and an oil change - Is $1300 too much?

Visitor, 2005 Mini Cooper, SOHC, Chicago, IL

Hi,I had the power steering pump and the cooling fan replaced 2 months ago ,because the fan wouldn't stop working and it would drain the batttery ,then a month later I had the battery replaced...

theTIR3guy, 2005 Mini Cooper, SOHC, Waterloo, IA

1.5L Bad exhaust valve. 150 PSI on #1-3, #4 90psi. Leak down test exhaust side. customer has only ran 87 octane. Needs 91.
Is there any more labor for pulling cam? Thanks

vargas, 2005 Mini Cooper, SOHC, Philadelphia, PA

also it may be the immobilzer going bad car wont start when i press down the clutch.

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